A New Era Dawns: A Review of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

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Fact Details Title Final Fantasy Rebirth Release Date 29th February 2024 Developers Square Enix Genre Role-playing game (RPG) Platforms PlayStation 5 Synopsis Final Fantasy Rebirth is the latest installment in the iconic Final Fantasy series. Set in a world of magic and technology, players embark on a journey to save the realm from an ancient…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – End Of The World

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As the helicopters transport the Turks, Rufus, and Hojo back to Midgar, discussions between Hojo and Rufus ignite about the expansion of Shinra’s ambitions. Amidst this, Zack faces a pivotal decision before descending into the Corkscrew Tunnel: Does he race to prevent the reactor explosion with Biggs, or does he divert to Shinra HQ in…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – Chapter 13 – Where Angels Fear To Tread

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At the Junon Aerodrome, Elena and Rude catch wind over the radio that all units are converging on the temple’s location, prompting discussion about the legend of those who enter the temple never returning. Reno stirs in the back of the chopper as Tseng boards with the keystone in hand. Vincent, eavesdropping on the conversation,…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – Chapter 12 – A Golden Key

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  After Cid dedicates some time to repairs, the Bronco Airlines plane undergoes a transformation, its hull now serving as a watercraft. Utilize R2 to propel forward and navigate the linear path along the waterway until reaching Costa Del Sol. Dock at the harbor, and the group disembarks. While hiking back up Mt. Corel remains…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – The Long Shadow Of Shinra

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Starting from the airstrip, begin your journey by heading southeast and follow the road as it curves and meanders its way down until you reach Gjallar Bridge. Keeping to the right path will be made evident by the presence of several hooded figures scattered along the road, all moving in the same direction you should…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – Watcher Of The Vale

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Journey to Cosmo Canyon After departing the aircraft, Cid bids you adieu and advises to signal for transport when needed. Following Red XIII’s lead, you encounter two Skeeskees. Defeating them, you progress and confront two Desert Sahagins. Beyond them, you reach a chocobo ranch where a side quest awaits to rescue a chocobo. Whether you…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – Chapter 9 – The Planet Stirs

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The Desert Venturing back into the Corel desert, accompany the group as they delve into Cait Sith’s backstory, only to halt abruptly when Yuffie falls ill. Facing uncertainty with no clear direction, Cait Sith resorts to fortune-telling, sparking an idea to explore another dilapidated reactor nearby. With Tifa entrusting Cloud with the keys, take control…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough: All That Glitters

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The Gold Saucer As the party approaches the Gold Saucer, they are greeted by a dazzling spectacle of holograms, flashing lights, and fireworks. Stepping off the Ropeway, they are met with the sight of a staff room ahead, where a shimmering orb of healing materia awaits discovery. Navigating the outer corridor, they descend steps to…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough: Those Left Behind

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The Journey to Corel From now on, you can use the Shinra-8 to travel between Costa Del Sol and Under Junon whenever you want. The goal remains heading towards Mt. Corel, so head back into town and start heading south. Just before leaving town, you’ll come across the Chocobo Rentals. Purchase a Rent-a-Bird Membership for…

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FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough Fool’s Paradise

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The next day dawns, and the Shinra-8 docks at Costa Del Sol. Passengers disembark to a warm welcome from locals. Yuffie rushes over after bidding farewell to the ship, sparking debate within the party about watching the robed figures nearby. Mayor Kapono greets them, each receiving a lei. Aerith suggests sightseeing, hinting at beach plans,…

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