FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – Chapter 9 – The Planet Stirs

The Desert

Venturing back into the Corel desert, accompany the group as they delve into Cait Sith’s backstory, only to halt abruptly when Yuffie falls ill. Facing uncertainty with no clear direction, Cait Sith resorts to fortune-telling, sparking an idea to explore another dilapidated reactor nearby.

With Tifa entrusting Cloud with the keys, take control of the buggy and navigate through the terrain. Steering towards the valley's southwest, traverse the shallow waters triggering a cinematic as you enter the Gongaga region. Cait Sith advises continuing the journey on foot, pointing out a nearby village for respite. Before proceeding, Cloud experiences a sense of déjà vu.

avalanche in a car

Approaching a cave entrance on the right, discover a Rest Bench and vending machines. Explore at your leisure before venturing into the cave, ascending slopes, and crossing bridges along the path ahead.

Proceed over the bridge and descend the slope towards the south, following the path until you reach the bottom. Traverse straight ahead, guided by a baby Chocobo, leading you into a tunnel. Inside, discover a "Mushroom Storage" Cache Location housing two chests containing 3 Maiden’s Kisses and a mega-potion.

cloud entering the cave

Exit the tunnel on the opposite side, navigating across wooden platforms to find a rope for climbing. Ascend to the top, continuing forward and veering right to drop down and confront a Frightflower and a Chimera Mimic.

After defeating them, journey southwest across the stream to encounter another Chimera Mimic and 2 Amphidexs. Once the area is clear, ascend the slope behind them and take the right path, crossing a bridge made of wooden planks. Ascend the slope on the opposite side to arrive at Gongaga Village.

the memorial

Gongaga Village

Gongaga Village welcomes the party with a gathering of villagers. Amidst initial confusion, Cissnei steps forward, identifying herself as the coalition captain. She directs the group to a nearby hill offering a clear view of the reactor. Follow Cissnei across the bridge and up the left hillside to reach a memorial honoring those lost in the reactor explosion. Cait Sith provides insight into the significance of the memorial.

Cissnei suggests taking a rest, granting the party freedom to explore the village. While exploring, engage in conversations with party members and interact with vendors. To advance the story, head to the southeastern corner of the village where Aerith enters a home accompanied by two individuals.

Follow Aerith inside to discover that the occupants are Zack’s parents. Cloud experiences vivid flashes upon hearing Zack's name, but Aerith assures them of her commitment to keeping them informed about Zack's well-being, despite lacking concrete information.

cloud has a flashback

Engage in a conversation with Aerith just outside the home, delving into Zack and Aerith’s shared history. You have the option to offer reassurance when Aerith feels she may have overstepped. As Aerith opens up about her lingering feelings for Zack, Tifa arrives. Cloud, believing Zack to be deceased, urges Aerith to let go of the past. His words trigger unsettling flashes, prompting him to seek rest.

Cross the bridge ahead and head westward until you reach Cissnei’s residence near the noticeboard. Rest in the bed inside. Cloud wakes up to distant booming noises hours later, as Yuffie bursts in, explaining the sounds emanate from the reactor. Follow Yuffie out of the house, across the bridge, and back up to the memorial site on the hill.

Recognizing the noises as likely caused by a Weapon, Cissnei reveals her ability to perceive Whispers, unsettling the group. Barret, Cait Sith, and Red XIII accompany Cloud to confront the Weapon, while the girls remain behind.

cloud hears weapon

Make your way to the southernmost part of the village to find an open gate, where a member of the Youth Coalition will grant you passage. From there, you'll have to traverse approximately 1,000 meters to reach the reactor site. If you've unlocked chocobos in this area, you can summon one immediately after leaving the village gate. Alternatively, there are multiple routes to explore on foot, with various ropes available for sliding down when you reach cliff edges.

Upon reaching the car park outside the reactor, slip through the gap in the gate to the left. Whispers will materialize, and Cloud witnesses Sephiroth's spectral presence floating into an underground passage.

Meanwhile, high above in the skies, Scarlet prepares a colossal mech for deployment upon reaching the reactor, poised to extract the Weapon.

scarletts machine

Gongaga Reactor

Upon regaining control of Cloud, take advantage of the Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines before descending the steps to your right. Follow the tunnel to its end, where you'll find yourself in a chamber occupied by two Amphidexs and a Frightflower. With the area cleared, proceed through the gap in the doors to your right (on the west side of the chamber). Descend the stairs beyond and follow the Whispers to the left.

Ascending the stairs, reach the base level of a vast chamber. Traverse the pools of water, but be prepared for an ambush by three Amphidexs once you reach the dry land in the center.

On the opposite side of the chamber, ascend the slope to your left and retrieve the power cord lying on the ground. Insert the cord into the inactive machine at the base of the slope to unlock the doors.

cloud and barrett swimming

Proceed forward and then maneuver through the opening in the doors to your left, gaining entry into a chamber where you'll confront a Chimera Mimic and a Gagighandi. Upon vanquishing them, exit through the doorway and proceed down the corridor ahead, orienting yourself southeastward. Descend into the water and veer right to locate a ladder conveniently situated around the corner.

Ascend the stairs after scaling the ladder, engaging in combat with two Grandhorns. Upon their defeat, climb onto the ledge to the southwest, where you'll spot Whispers across the divide. Descend into the water below and proceed leftward to access another platform featuring a lengthy ladder.

cloud fights 2 grandhorns

Ascend the ladder to reach the top, where you'll encounter three Amphidexs before slipping through the opening in the nearby door. Within this subsequent chamber, veer left and exert force to move the green crate across the room, liberating the power cord ensnared behind it.

After retrieving the power cord, insert it into the apparatus situated on the opposite side of the chamber. Subsequently, descend the steps and engage with the terminal to initiate the restoration of power and elevate the water level in the preceding chamber.

Ascend onto the verdant crate, granting access to the summit of the crimson storage unit, where an aperture awaits, allowing reentry into the antecedent chamber with a chest ahead, yielding a gold collar for Red XIII. Upon descent, the Grand horns will have regenerated, necessitating their defeat once more. Ascend the ledge, descend into the water, and ascend the opposite side.

reds new collar

Navigate through the subsequent passageway, circumventing various obstacles until reaching the Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines at the terminus. An orb of subversion materia is also discernible for collection. Proceed down the corridor to the southeast, emerging into the daylight and entering the reactor core.

However, before any action can be taken, Scarlet descends in her chopper, deploying a crane to ensnare the Weapon, and unleashing Amalgam creatures to engage in combat.


At first, you'll face off against a pair of Amalgams. Once they're vanquished, move to the platform's edge, leap across the gap, and repeat the process to access the adjacent platform.

Subsequently, three more Amalgams join the fray. Dispatch them to clear the way for Scarlet, who introduces a colossal abomination, initiating a formidable boss encounter.

specimen h1024

Specimen H1024 Boss Fight

Weaknesses: Ice. Lesser - Stop, Sleep

Facing off against Specimen H1024 presents a formidable challenge, given its formidable size, agility, and array of attacks. To emerge victorious, you must optimize your party's capabilities and employ items, spells, and abilities judiciously.

H1024 unleashes a series of ranged elemental assaults. Firstly, it employs "Thundara," summoning localized lightning strikes that target each member of your party. Mastering the timing is crucial; evading at the last moment, just as the lightning descends, is imperative to avoid injury.

Secondly, it employs "Fira," utilizing an additional head appendage to launch fiery projectiles. Beware, positioning yourself to the sides or behind H1024 offers no protection, as the projectiles can penetrate its body to strike you.

mako indigestion

At intervals, H1024 employs the "Mako Ingestion" maneuver, absorbing surrounding mako to enhance itself and bestow the Manaward buff. Another mako-based tactic is "Mako Shot," where H1024 launches a swiftly-moving orb of mako with its head appendage, detonating upon impact.

"Memento Mori" stands as one of its most devastating moves, involving a ground-shaking slam that propels targets skyward, followed by a mako-infused beam from its head appendage, inflicting substantial damage.

Additionally, H1024 can execute a basic vertical slam with its left arm's claw-like appendage, although it's a rare occurrence, typically employed when in close proximity for an extended duration, which is unlikely.

cloud fighting the specimen

Utilizing the bulb-like extension on its left shoulder, H1024 charges it with mako energy before slamming it vertically into the ground, followed by a delayed explosion. Alternatively, it may execute a variation of this move, repeatedly slamming the bulb three times without causing an explosion.

When its health reaches approximately 50%, H1024 will hurl Cloud into another section of the core, marking the beginning of the second phase where mako energy is more abundant.

cloud and barrett fighting the specimen

During this phase, "Mako Expulsion" is initiated, with H1024 unleashing a massive burst of mako directly ahead, accompanied by secondary smaller explosions. To evade this, swiftly step backward multiple times upon the attack's initiation to avoid the blast radius. The "Mako Ingestion" from the initial phase transitions into "Mako Inhalation" in this stage, operating similarly as before, as H1024 absorbs mako from the surroundings to enhance itself.

specimen upgrades

As H1024 nears its demise, it will unleash the "Mako Overdose" assault, overflowing with Mako consumption. However, this typically happens when H1024 is on the brink of defeat. Therefore, unleash all available abilities, items, and spells to swiftly vanquish H1024 before it can execute this devastating move.

2,900 EXP, 10 AP, 1,450 Gil

After vanquishing Specimen H1024, it crumples into the mako-infused ground, enveloping Cloud in its overpowering fumes, rendering him incapacitated momentarily. A Whisper ascends, momentarily replacing Cloud's vision with Sephiroth's visage, attempting to corrupt him before he shakes off the influence.


Tifa & Co

Scarlet descends in her colossal mech, charging up her weapon and unleashing a devastating blast at the party. Meanwhile, back in Gongaga village, Tifa, Aerith, and Yuffie spring into action. Traverse the bridge ahead to reach the chocobo stables, where mounts await, along with grappling guns provided by Cissnei.

Mount the chocobos and ride them out of the village, descending the slope and utilizing the giant mushroom springpad at the bottom to propel yourselves forward. Each mushroom along the path catapults you closer to the reactor, strategically placed for seamless traversal. The final leap lands you directly in the reactor's car park, where Shinra Security Officers and Riot Troopers await.

tifa fighting troopers

Upon clearing out all foes in the vicinity, direct your gaze upwards to locate a grappling point. Trigger it by pressing L2 when prompted.

Descend on the opposite side and make your way to the alcove on the left, where you'll find the Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines you previously passed with Cloud and company.

Essentially, your task is to backtrack through the underground passage until you arrive at the expansive chamber filled with water. Traverse to the platform on the opposite side and pivot to spot a grappling point above, leading you through the opening in the ceiling.

Upon reaching the top, several Chimera Mimics will loom ahead, but you can evade them by grappling overhead. Navigate to the western corner of the room by utilizing various grappling points, then ascend through the aperture in the ceiling where daylight beckons. tifa fighting frogs

Once you're up there, you'll engage in a skirmish against a Grandhorn and 2 Gagighandis. Following their defeat, ascend the ladder located in the northern corner, then grapple up to the point in the southeast. Along this route, you'll confront 4 Amphidexs before proceeding further up and around, where you can nudge the generator connected to the power cord closer to the terminal.

Utilize the nearby rope to hasten your descent, and retrieve the power cord using L2 before inserting it into the machine to unlock the doors. Ascend the slope and employ your grappling hook to zip up to another group of Shinra Riot Troopers and Elite Grenadiers.

tifa fights soldiers

Upon vanquishing them, proceed eastward and grapple up onto the collapsed structure above. Traverse along this elevated path, dropping down to confront a group of Slug-Ray drones. Once they're dispatched, descend through the tube and utilize the two consecutive grapple points ahead to reach additional Slug-Rays to engage. After clearing the area, make use of the Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines as needed before grappling up to the southwest.

Hasten your ascent up the stairs beyond, dodging the incoming fire from helicopters. Then, ascend the ladder and leap onto the zipline at the summit, sliding down into the core. Yuffie successfully diverts Scarlet's attention, halting her assault on the rest of the party, but initiates a boss encounter that the girls must confront on their own.

tifa fights scarlett

Crimson Mare Mk. II Boss Fight

The Crimson Mare Mk. II presents a formidable challenge, yet there are strategies that can significantly ease the intensity of the battle. In addition to its standard gunfire assaults, the mech utilizes slashing maneuvers with its arm blades, executing consecutive diagonal slashes.

During the "X-ecution" move, the Crimson Mare charges while simultaneously slashing both blades in an X-shaped pattern, boasting a wider horizontal reach than anticipated. It's ideal for a perfect block if timed accurately, otherwise, swift dodging is imperative.

In the "Spinning Thrust" attack, the mech propels itself forward, spinning rapidly to create a circular shield with its blades. While more predictable than X-ecution, this maneuver demands quick evasive action. Rolling to the side as it approaches is the most effective countermeasure.

mark 2 execution

Utilizing any Static Shock abilities in your arsenal proves advantageous against the Crimson Mare, as it exhibits a vulnerability to Lightning. Throughout the battle, it's crucial to target the mech's arm attachments with your attacks. Aerith's Rolling Thunder, given its Lightning affinity, serves as a particularly effective choice.

As the battle progresses, usually when the mech reaches around 75% health, it swaps its sabers for Makocannons, introducing new offensive capabilities. These include a barrage of projectiles fired alternately from its hands and a charged beam that locks onto its target before unleashing a devastating blast. Vigilant movement enables evasion of both attacks.

Additionally, the mech employs a tactic involving launching an orange projectile that moves slowly toward its target, culminating in a powerful explosion followed by a delayed secondary blast. Timely blocking or dodging is essential to mitigate the impact of this formidable assault.

markoom round

In the "Rotating Rail Laser" maneuver, the Crimson Mare extends its arms and unleashes colossal laser beams from both hands while rotating on the spot.

To evade this onslaught, it's imperative to maneuver through the rotating beams swiftly; failure to do so will result in substantial damage.

Once its health drops below 50%, the Crimson Mare may opt to swap its weaponry, this time favoring crushing gauntlets. With the introduction of the "Impact Drive" technique, the mech spins its gauntlets while delivering punches, repeating the action with each hand.

Furthermore, the "Impact Hook" attack mirrors the two-punch assault but with an uppercut motion. While these maneuvers pose minimal threat from a distance, close-quarters combat demands strategic positioning to sidestep each punch effectively.

the whisperers

"Impact Eruption" entails the Crimson Mare energizing both gauntlets before forcefully driving them into the ground, triggering a substantial area-of-effect vortex explosion.

Although the gauntlet charging occurs rapidly, there's still ample time to retreat or dodge backward to evade the explosion's radius.

Throughout this phase, the Crimson Mare predominantly resorts to close-quarters melee assaults, thus maintaining proximity to the ground. Consequently, Tifa's standard uppercut (hold ◻) proves highly effective in targeting and damaging the gauntlets, hastening the section's conclusion by inducing Pressure and Stagger on the Crimson Mare more swiftly.

impact hook

An intriguing maneuver it may employ is the "Rocket Arms" assault, where both gauntlets detach and maneuver independently around the arena, often pausing before charging directly toward you. You can opt to focus on one gauntlet while keeping a vigilant eye on the other, or remain alert to both simultaneously.

Should you succeed in dismantling both gauntlets, the Crimson Mare may summon multiple explosives on the ground surrounding itself. These explosives not only trigger an initial explosion but also create lingering fire hazards, so exercise caution with your movements if you're engaging aggressively.

3,000 EXP, 10 AP, 1,500 Gil, 50 Party EXP

scarlett shocked

Weapon & Sephiroth

Following the defeat of Crimson Mare Mk. II, Scarlet unleashes a barrage of missiles that separate Tifa from Yuffie and Aerith, leaving them to forge ahead alone. Meanwhile, Scarlet prepares the crane to ensnare the Weapon. Taking control of Tifa, utilize the grappling hook to ascend to the designated point ahead, then navigate across the gap with another grapple, finally reaching Scarlet atop the crane.

In a last-ditch effort, Scarlet notices Tifa's approach and obliterates her platform with the crane. However, Tifa swiftly latches onto the crane just in time to evade a plunge into the waters below. Witnessing Tifa's precarious situation, Cloud rushes to her aid. Yet, upon glimpsing a vision of Sephiroth provoking him to violence, Cloud mercilessly dispatches the Shinra forces in his path.

As the Whispers converge, compelling Scarlet to retreat, Tifa witnesses Cloud's ruthless actions and implores him to cease. Despite her heartfelt pleas, the whispers of Sephiroth cloud Cloud's judgment, leading him to strike Tifa off the ledge and into the depths of the mako below.

cloud cuts tifa

As Tifa regains her composure, she starts swimming towards the rest of the party, only to be suddenly engulfed by the emerging Weapon. Cloud, finally snapping out of his trance, cries out in anguish as he realizes the tragic loss of his dear friend.

Submerged beneath the waves, you find yourself in a first-person perspective, slowly navigating through the depths as Tifa hears enigmatic voices calling out to her, their familiarity almost discernible. Safely ensconced within the materia orb, Tifa witnesses multiple Weapons advancing onward.

Amidst the clash of Dark and Light Whispers, you're prompted to hold L2 and R2 simultaneously, unleashing a stream of Whispers to clear a path forward.


As Tifa comprehends that she's traversing the Lifestream, maneuver the right analog stick to explore each of the three memories from her and Cloud’s childhood in Nibelheim.

Continuing onward after revisiting the memories, once again, respond to the prompt by holding L2 and R2. Sephiroth emerges amidst the dark Whispers, driving his sword into the materia orb, narrowly missing Tifa, and shattering the seal, depriving her of oxygen.

Despite the injury, the Weapon ascends toward the surface, as Tifa hears encouraging voices from people significant to her, urging her not to surrender. Meanwhile, she witnesses Cloud being led away by Sephiroth.

sephiroth stabs weapon

Cloud, disheartened on the surface, receives a sharp slap from Barret just as the Weapon emerges, offering a glimmer of hope for Tifa's rescue. Approach the Weapon, and Tifa is gently released from its mouth, briefly conscious enough to offer her support before slipping back into unconsciousness as the Weapon retreats underwater once more.

Back In Gongaga Village

Back in Gongaga village, Tifa awakens from her slumber and shares a private moment with Cloud, reflecting on a childhood belief she held regarding spirits in Mt. Nibel, using it as solace after her mother's passing. She acknowledges Cloud's unwavering support during her darkest times, while Cloud wrestles with his own uncertainties about his identity and the unfolding events.

Despite Tifa's reassurances that his concerns about degraded SOLDIER cells are unfounded, their intimate moment is interrupted by the curious ears of Cait Sith and Yuffie. Just as Aerith silently communicates something to Tifa, they are interrupted again, prompting them to leave the room and join the others to discuss Tifa's experiences inside the Weapon.

tifa and aerith

Cissnei enters and proposes relocating the discussion, suggesting Cosmo Canyon nearby, where Red XIII spent his formative years and could provide insight. She furnishes a map to a nearby airstrip and offers her chocobo, Fango, for transportation.

Upon leaving the building, turn right towards the southern corner of the village, adjacent to the reactor. Partway down the slope outside the village, a closed gate appears on the right. Open it and upon crossing, summon your chocobo with R1 and ride south along the path. Past several Chimera Mimics, cross the bridge and ascend the winding slope.

At the summit, veer right, spotting a bouncepad mushroom. Step on it and drop down, launching into the air, bouncing off another mushroom before landing. Proceed north from the landing point, arriving at the Gongaga Airstrip via an open metal gate.

calling sid

Upon reaching the airstrip sign, proceed past it towards the solitary blue phone box in the distance. Discovering the need to send smoke signals to attract the pilot's attention, Yuffie volunteers her expertise. The plan succeeds, prompting the plane to land shortly thereafter, with the pilot offering to transport the group to Cosmo Canyon for a fee of 1,000 Gil.

Accepting the offer, the party boards the plane, which takes off into the sky. Cid Highwind formally introduces himself as the president and pilot of Bronco Airlines. Meanwhile, in the Shinra Building Research sector, Hojo conducts experiments on Roche, who appears to be a willing participant, preparing a peculiar purple substance in a petri dish.

Back on the plane, you'll have limited control over the vehicle as it approaches its descent into Cosmo Canyon. While the plane follows a preset path and turns automatically, you can still maneuver it to some extent until it veers right and lands smoothly on the designated landing strip.

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