Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a nice list of questions that we thought people might ask about us. If you have any comments or questions please email [email protected].

Here at we have created an advert free news source for gaming and tech. We have other means of income so that we are able to offer advert free and minimalist news, something other providers cannot offer. We still will spare no expense in news gathering and event attendance. For example we will be at GamesCom 2024 and any events we deem newsworthy. 

We want to focus on upcoming and newly released games. We will slowly but steadily build our site into a good resource for the games that are popular, providing guides and insights. We are in this for the long haul. 

Absolutely, we will be at GamesCom 2024, our tickets and hotels are already booked. We will be posting news stories and photos from the event and try to provide you any inside scoops we can find but talking to the various developers at the event. 

We are purely run on the income from other sources; we do not need to advertise like other games mags. We simply want to provide an awesome resource for gaming and tech info and build something amazing. We know the road to recognition and success will be long, but we have the stamina and motivation to make make our vision for a reality.