FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – The Long Shadow Of Shinra

Starting from the airstrip, begin your journey by heading southeast and follow the road as it curves and meanders its way down until you reach Gjallar Bridge. Keeping to the right path will be made evident by the presence of several hooded figures scattered along the road, all moving in the same direction you should follow.

Back In Nibelheim

Continuing on, you'll eventually find yourself back in Nibelheim village, where Tifa and Cloud will observe that everything has been reconstructed to its former state. Ascend the steps leading up to the town square, dominated by the towering water tower, and you'll notice numerous hooded figures dispersed throughout the area.

cloud arrives back in Nibelheim

Approaching you is a supervisor who discloses that Shinra has taken direct control of Nibelheim five years ago, transforming it into a facility dedicated to treating mako poisoning. As Cait Sith hurriedly makes his way into the nearby town hall to utilize the Shinra Terminal for gathering information, you're left with the freedom to explore the town at your leisure.

While Cait Sith busies himself with his terminal search, take the opportunity to wander around the town and engage in conversations with each of your party members, aiming to strengthen your relationships. You can also participate in the nearby QB match, pay a visit to the store, and explore Cloud and Tifa's childhood homes.

avalanche in nibelheim

Venture inside the hotel, where a fleeting yet poignant vision of Zack ascending the stairs may catch your eye. Pursue this apparition and enter the bedroom, where Cloud will experience a flashback of his past conversation with Zack during the Nibelheim mission.

Upon exiting the hotel, follow the prompt to enter the town hall, turning right to locate Cait Sith at the terminal. The Supervisor, with restricted access, explains that gaining entry to Shinra Manor requires consulting Commissioner Murasaki at the reactor.

avalanche head to reactor

Leave the town hall and turn right to regroup with your party, where Tifa and Yuffie express their willingness to accompany you to the reactor. Opt to proceed, and the trio will set out. Meanwhile, in Rufus's office at the Shinra Building, Heidegger informs Rufus of the Nibelheim survey team's ambush by Wutai, signaling the initiation of their plan.

Returning to Cloud's perspective, your instinct may lead you to veer left towards the manor. However, a more fruitful path awaits to the north, leading you through the grass until you reach a newly constructed bridge.

Cross over and proceed westward, pausing to loot a chest containing a pair of Crystal Gloves along the way. Midway across the twin wooden drawbridges, Cloud's gaze downward triggers a flashback to the mission years prior, revealing that the Shinra trooper swept away by the tide was none other than Zack.

zack drowning

Cloud grapples with the weight of forgotten memories concerning his friend, but Tifa's comforting words reassure him. She confesses to withholding this truth from him to shield him from pain and pledges to reveal it to Aerith upon their reunion. Complete the crossing, confronting two Insectoid Chimeras and a Velociwing along the way. Post-battle, ascend to the left to utilize a Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines as needed.

To advance, venture into the cave to the northwest, engaging in a skirmish with two Twin Brains. With them vanquished, descend from the ledges to the west, arriving once more at the materia structure reminiscent of the Nibelheim mission. Cloud's mind is plagued by visions, but Tifa's subtle encouragement spurs the trio onward.

tifa and yuffie looking at materia

Before ascending the slope to the north, pivot and seize the HP<>MP materia lying on the ground behind you. As you ascend, brace yourself for a skirmish with two Velociwings, followed by a clash with 4 Kyuvildun after scaling several ledges. Proceed westward, utilizing the handholds to facilitate your ascent.

To the right, utilize the next set of handholds for further elevation, only to discover the wooden planks previously used for traversing now lie in disrepair. Yuffie comes to the rescue, tossing out a grapple for you to ascend and continue along the path. Remember to employ your Terrain Action (O) to ascend higher ledges!

Swiftly, a Zu bird appears, followed by two Kyuvildun and a Velociwing. Press on, navigating up the ledges until you encounter two Screamers in a spacious area.

With victory secured, you'll spot two extensive sets of handholds. Opt for either path, each offering opportunities to scavenge resources and chests along the way.

cloud climbing

Upon finally cresting the summit of the cliff face, you'll encounter a fork. Hasten up the slope to the right to swiftly secure a warding materia, then backtrack and pursue the alternative path. At its terminus, you'll descend into an arena where a formidable Dragon awaits.

Once the dragon lies defeated, duck beneath the crevice in the rock to the east and descend the slope, leading you to three distinct pipes for entry and descent.

There's no "incorrect" choice of passage, but your selection of pipes will dictate the loot you gather. Refer to the schematic below, delineating the pathways of the pipes. Progression occurs from right to left, commencing at Level 5. For instance, A1 denotes the leftmost pipe among the initial three.

cloud and tifa using the pipes

For those seeking an optimal route to amass the most resources, consider navigating through the following pipes:

Opting for the left-most pipe, any of the three pipes on the second level, and the right-most pipe among both pairs on the third level, you'll find yourself with just one pipe left to descend to reach Level 1. Upon arriving at the bottom, manipulate the corded generator to align it with the gap in the top section of the barbed wire fence. Climb over and proceed along the path, where you'll be ambushed by two Twin Brains.

After vanquishing them, open the door on the northern wall and venture into the cave to the right. At the tunnel's end, ascend the elevator. Upon reaching the top, ascend the sloping steps and encounter the corpses of Wutai ninjas, prompting the trio to speculate about the outbreak of war between Shinra and Wutai.

wuitai soldier dead

Nibelheim Reactor

Proceed up the steps toward the reactor, utilizing the Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines as necessary. When prepared, enter the reactor and proceed right into the elevator. Descending, you'll emerge into a chamber adorned with peculiar materials coating the floor and walls, just as a grotesque mutant creature, dubbed the Diabolic Variant, materializes before you.

Boss Fight: Diabolic Variant

Diabolic Variant

  • Weaknesses: Ice
  • Lesser/Greater Resistances: N/A
  • Immunities: Proportional Damage, Slow, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Petrify, Stone, Morphable Items
  • Enemy Intel: Destroying the tentacles on its right arm will pressure it. It will summon a clone once it has taken enough damage.

the diabolic variant

The Diabolic Variant emerges as a formidable adversary, wielding an array of bizarre and ferocious attacks. One such maneuver, the "Tentacle Slam," involves the creature raising its right arm, comprised entirely of writhing tentacles, and forcefully slamming it down onto your position.

This assault tracks your movements until the moment of impact, necessitating a well-timed block or dodge to evade it successfully.

Among its repertoire of basic strikes, the Diabolic Variant employs a forward jab with its tentacle arm, extending outward as it strikes, as well as a standard horizontal or diagonal swipe. Additionally, it can unleash an area-of-effect attack, releasing a burst of purple gas that not only knocks you back but also inflicts poison. This particular move is frequently utilized if engaged in close-quarters combat for an extended period.

cloud attacks variant

"Ensnare" mirrors the aforementioned forward jab but aims to ensnare and immobilize the targeted party member, subjecting them to ongoing damage over time through poison. If ensnared, swiftly switch focus to another party member and concentrate attacks on the right arm to free the trapped individual expeditiously. Indeed, prioritizing the destruction of the Right Arm is crucial, as it temporarily restricts the Diabolic Variant's offensive capabilities.

Special Attacks of the Diabolic Variant

  1. Enshadow: This relentless assault involves the creature holding its position while dispersing a poisonous gas cloud that blankets the entire arena. It's imperative not to relent and to focus on staggering the DV as swiftly as possible to halt this attack.
  2. Firaga: A familiar yet intensified version of this attack, the Diabolic Variant launches a flaming projectile that aggressively and accurately homes in on its target. It demonstrates a higher level of precision compared to previous iterations encountered in the game.
  3. Illusory Dive: Engaging in a deceptive maneuver, the DV vanishes into a cloud and reemerges from above, crashing down with a small shockwave area-of-effect. Maintaining mobility throughout the attack duration ensures safety from both the initial impact and the subsequent blast.
  4. Toxic Mire: This area-of-effect ability involves the DV outstretching its hand to summon a poisonous gas cloud in front of it. However, it typically poses a minimal threat, as it only affects those directly in front of the Diabolic Variant who fail to maneuver— a tactic not advisable in any combat engagement, particularly this one.
  5. Tentacle Drill: In this maneuver, the DV drives its arm into the ground, causing tentacles to shoot vertically upwards beneath your position. To counter this assault, maintain constant movement and, if feasible, initiate airborne attacks in close proximity to the DV before the tentacles emerge.
  6. Duplication: The Diabolical Variant possesses the ability to replicate itself, generating multiple threats within the arena simultaneously. Each duplicate can independently target and attack you. It's advisable, whenever possible, to concentrate your offensive efforts on one Variant at a time to diminish their collective impact.

beating the variant

Identification Tip: The true Diabolic Variant can be discerned by the color of its tentacles. If they exhibit glowing blue tips, prioritize targeting that Variant. Conversely, if the tentacles lack this distinctive hue, it's advisable to conserve your abilities and refrain from engaging them.

Rewards: 1,800 Gil, 50 Party EXP

Upon vanquishing the Diabolic Variant, proceed through the automatic doors located on the southern wall. Descend the ladder and traverse the walkway until you come across the lifeless body of Murasaki. This sight triggers poignant flashbacks for Tifa, reminding her of her father's tragic demise. Yuffie, seizing the opportunity, retrieves the ID Card from Murasaki's body as the group resolves to embark on a search for any remaining survivors. Despite their efforts, they find no one alive.

tifa visibly upset

With determination, Yuffie initiates the activation of a terminal, while Cloud experiences unsettling flashes of Sephiroth's ominous taunts. Through the terminal, Yuffie establishes communication with Cait Sith, who guides them to insert the ID Card, granting remote access. They agree to rendezvous at Shinra Manor, a crucial destination in their quest for answers.

cait sith talking to avalanche

Meanwhile, at the Town Hall, Cait Sith sets out on his mission, accompanied by Barret and Aerith.

As Cait Sith:

Exit the town hall and head toward the right, venturing out of the village. Follow the path leading toward Shinra Manor, turning left upon arrival. Enter the manor and proceed left to locate the elevator. Upon reaching the lower level, entering the next room unveils a startling revelation: Hojo, the nefarious scientist, is monitoring their movements through the security systems. Suddenly, a trap door opens beneath them, plunging them into an unforeseen predicament.

hojo hologram

Upon reaching the bottom, assume control of Cait Sith and navigate through the air vent ahead by rolling with the R2 button. Upon emerging in the next room, confront and defeat a Bahba Velamyu. Following this, summon your Moogle companion by pressing Up on the D-Pad and position yourself on the blinking switch. This action triggers a wooden box to descend to the left. Utilize the Moogle's abilities by pressing L2 to pick up the box.

With the box in hand, prepare to throw it by pressing R1, adjusting the aim with the left analog stick. Target the button positioned up and to the right of the gate where Barret and Aerith are confined. Upon successfully hitting the button and freeing them, proceed northward and engage in battle with two Black Bats.

cait sith opens cell door

Continue down the tunnel and interact with the terminal. Summon the elevator down, only to be obstructed by a protruding broken pipe nearby. Employ the same strategy as before, summoning and/or grabbing a box to hurl at the pipe and demolish it.

Once the obstacle is removed, interact with the elevator's terminal to ascend. Transition through the rooms until you arrive at the next area.

Here, confront and defeat two Black Bats and a Bahba Velamyu. Then, as Cait Sith, navigate through the air vent in the northeast corner. Subdue the Black Bat and Bahba Velamyu in the subsequent room before accessing the small side room to the south. Within, discover a chest containing a giga-potion and a stack of crates that can be manipulated using L2.

cait sith

Drag the box into the main room and position it onto the silver plate on the floor where the tire tracks cease. Ascend the steps to the right and activate the blinking pressure plate to release a box from above onto the stack of crates, preventing their destruction.

Retrieve the box and aim it at the switch above the middle generator, marked by a red flashing light. With Barret and Aerith by your side once again, proceed through the corridor to the northeast. Destroy the numerous Shinra boxes along the way, and engage and defeat the 3 Bats before facing the Black Bat and Rictus in the room at the far end.

cait throwing boxes

To the left, spot an orb containing barrier materia on the floor, accompanied by a couple of boxes of mako accelerant. Utilize your Moogle companion to pick up one of the boxes and position it for a throw into the large red saucer on the rotating wheel nearby.

Upon successfully completing this action twice, the generator will be fully powered, opening the gate for your progression. Confront and defeat the 4 Black Bats in the subsequent room after the gate opens.

Following the gate's opening, ride the elevator upward to encounter two Rictus and a Bahba Velamyu in combat. Subdue them, and then utilize the Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines as needed before interacting with the terminal situated to the southwest.

cait on the monitor

To initiate access to the ducts in the central chamber, activate the lever located at its center. You'll need to employ this lever repeatedly in the subsequent section. Command your Moogle to step on the blinking pressure plate switch adjacent to the lever, causing a box to drop down. Retrieve the box and hurl it at the switch to open the blue ducts.

Navigate through the air duct across the room to reach level 2F, where a battle awaits against two Black Bats. Proceed to the other blue air duct on this level and traverse it to reach 3F, where an encounter with an Adjudicator awaits. From this floor, seize a box (or summon one using the pressure plate), then proceed to the area where the barrier is compromised. Aim your box throw downward to the bottom floor, targeting the lever.

moogle throws box

This action unlocks the red duct on this level, allowing passage through it to reach Materials Storage, where two Adjudicators lie in wait. Subdue them, and then access the terminal situated at the top of the ramp to commence lowering the elevator located to your right. However, additional weight is necessary to fully lower it. Utilize the same method to spawn multiple boxes and toss them onto the elevator.

Once three boxes are successfully onboard the elevator, it will descend completely, permitting you to embark. Dispose of or remove the boxes to initiate its ascent. Alight from the elevator and interact with the terminal positioned in the southeast corner of the room, triggering a minor boss encounter with a deformed entity known as Yin and Yang emerging from a nearby containment tube.


Yin and Yang Boss Encounter

Yin and Yang Weaknesses: Fire Lesser/Greater Resistances: Magic (L) Immunities: Proportional Damage, Stone, Morphable Items Enemy Intel: Becomes pressured when either head is incapacitated, but the remaining head will go berserk

Yin and Yang present a formidable yet manageable challenge, being a two-headed entity with distinct aggressive tendencies. Throughout the battle, they alternate control with "Yin Awakens" or "Yang Awakens," each exhibiting different attack patterns based on the head in charge.

When Yang assumes control, it unleashes various spells such as "Blizzard," casting homing ice projectiles, and "Thundara," summoning lightning strikes. These attacks are relatively straightforward to evade or mitigate with precise timing.

yin and yang

Conversely, when Yin takes the reins, it relies more on physical assaults like "Yang Beams," executing a forward flip imbued with magical energy, or "Yang Snickers," delivering diagonal claw swipes also infused with a purplish aura.

"Despondent Strike" is a joint maneuver where Yin and Yang crouch down before executing a 3-hit combo: two consecutive claw swipes similar to Yang Snickers, followed by the same overhead flip kick from Yang Beams. The sequence concludes with a delayed overhead strike using both hands, prompting caution before launching a counteroffensive.

cait relaxing

As Yin and Yang near their demise, they unleash their ultimate maneuver, "Yang Takes Aim." With this move, they align themselves and launch directly at you, resulting in a massive explosion upon impact with either you or the ground. The force of this blast can prove fatal if your health is below 30-40%, necessitating extreme caution. It's crucial to swiftly retreat as soon as the attack initiates to minimize damage. Notably, this explosion can also deal significant damage to Yin and Yang simultaneously, often concluding the battle.

Yin and Yang Encounter Rewards:

  • Experience Points: 3,700
  • Ability Points: 10
  • Gil: 1,850
  • Party Experience: 50

moogle throwing boxes again

Upon overcoming Yin and Yang, Aerith and Barret reunite with you. Proceed forward and utilize the elevator. During the ascent, the elevator halts, presenting an optional activity. You have the opportunity to throw boxes to break the crates positioned on the treadmill across the room. Whether or not you manage to break the "required" 10 crates, once the timer expires, the elevator resumes its ascent.

Upon reaching the top, you'll enter a spacious chamber housing a Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines. Approach the terminal adjacent to the locked door, and Hojo taunts you, tasking you with locating the code required to unlock the door somewhere within the room.

security code

Employ your moogle to shift the initial set of wheeled crates on the room's eastern side, revealing the code inscribed on the wall:

Code: 36 10 59 97

Return to the door and input the code by adjusting each dial accordingly. Upon successfully entering the code, the door swings open, leading you into the next chamber. Here, Hojo continues to taunt you as you come face to face with a colossal creature known as the Forgotten Specimen.

Forgotten Specimen

Forgotten Specimen Boss Fight

Forgotten Specimen Weaknesses: N/A

Lesser/Greater Resistances: Stop (L), Poison (L), Silence (L), Sleep (L), Petrify (L)

Immunities: Proportional Damage, Berserk, Slow, Stone, Morphable Items

Enemy Intel: Inflicting enough physical damage will make it resistant to physical attacks, while magic damage will make it resistant to magic attacks. Forcing it to switch resistances multiple times will pressure it.

Physical damage will dispel Reflect, while magic damage will dispel Shield.

The Forgotten Specimen presents a daunting challenge with its ability to transform into various variants, each with distinct abilities and attacks. Through "Metamorphose," it alternates between blue and red forms.

  • "Mako Regurgitation" is a common move, where it expels a mako-infused projectile that arcs towards its target and explodes on impact. Rolling is often ineffective against this attack, necessitating constant mobility to evade.
  • "Overhead Smash" involves the Specimen leaping high into the air and crashing down, slamming its fists onto the ground. Precise timing is crucial to avoid the ensuing impact.
  • "Seismic Shock" is similar but executed differently, with the Specimen slamming both hands together, creating an explosive blast upon impact with the ground.
  • "Barbaric Mangling" is a grab attack, where the Specimen charges forward to ensnare its target, temporarily immobilizing them.

During its red tentacled form, the Specimen may enter "Respite," providing an opportunity for attackers as it becomes Pressured. This allows for free hits and an opportunity to build stagger. Additionally, it may utilize basic experimental attacks like "Thunder," calling down lightning strikes.

the failed experiment
  • "Tentacle Lash" involves a basic whip attack, where the Specimen uses its tentacle-like arm to strike vertically down. While simple to dodge or block regardless of proximity, it demands awareness during combat.
  • "Bio" is a rudimentary healing maneuver occasionally executed by the Specimen. However, its brief duration and infrequent occurrence diminish its significance, posing little threat during battle.
  • "Swinging Uppercut" is a move exclusive to the blue form, featuring the Specimen charging forward and swiping its arm upward upon reaching its target. This attack requires precise timing for effective evasion, as the upward swipe is slightly delayed.

When the Specimen reaches approximately 75% health, it initiates "Cellular Degradation," reverting to its two-toned form and becoming pressured. Sustained aggression during this phase can lead to staggering before the animation concludes.

Upon reaching 50% health, the Specimen briefly collapses before surging with mako energy, granting the ability to target either its tentacle or standard arm independently. This phase typically begins with "Shield," providing immunity to all attacks except magical abilities.

the end of the experiment

As such, prioritize utilizing MP attacks or any magical non-MP-consuming abilities you've unlocked to deal chip damage until you see the blue shield beneath its health bar disappear.

  • "Mako Ooze" involves the Specimen firing a liquid blob of mako that spreads upon impact with the ground, creating a persistent poisoning hazard on the floor for a considerable duration afterward.

A particularly formidable combo attack is "Wild Frenzy," during which the Specimen slashes back and forth with each arm in horizontal swipes, totaling six swipes before delivering a final delayed punch into the ground, resulting in an explosion.

If caught in this combo, escaping is challenging if not outright impossible until the combo concludes, so exercise caution. The Specimen typically pauses briefly before initiating the swipes, allowing time to retreat backward and avoid the onslaught.

cait celebrates

  • "Malice of the Lost" is another explosion-based attack in which the Specimen punches the floor, generating a singular, relatively contained explosion. Although posing less of a threat than attacks with wider ranges or blast radii, it's prudent to steer clear as the Specimen approaches to execute this move.

3,700 EXP, 10 AP, 1,850 Gil, 50 Party EXP

After vanquishing the Forgotten Specimen, Hojo taunts you before reluctantly letting you leave. Proceed forward out of the room and ascend the steps using the elevator, rejoining the rest of the party in the adjoining room upon reaching the top.

hojo says goodbye

Once back in control of Cloud, push open the wooden doors on the northwest wall to reveal a coffin from which Vincent Valentine emerges. Inquiring about your presence, he scrutinizes your keycard and, holding you at gunpoint, demands an explanation for possessing a stolen keycard. As he presses for information about your adversary, you'll have the following options:

Shinra Wutai Sephiroth Regardless of your choice, Vincent unlocks the nearby doors, granting access to the terminal, before retreating into his coffin. Before leaving the room, make use of the Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines positioned on the right. Exit the room and turn left, unlocking the Shinra-marked doors to allow Cait Sith access to the terminal.

avalanche regroup

Proceed through the door to the right and follow the pipe on the floor, transitioning into a first-person perspective as Cloud experiences visual distortions. Continue pushing the left analog stick forward until you reach three sample containers labeled S: one containing tissue, one with hair, and another with blood.

As Cloud grapples with his distress, Tifa assists him to his feet while the rest of the party confront Vincent, who is incensed by your unauthorized actions. Suddenly, Vincent undergoes a violent transformation into a colossal Galian Beast, initiating a boss encounter.

the galian

Galian Beast Boss Fight

Galian Beast Weaknesses: Fire, Deprotect, Deshell, Debrave, Defaith Lesser/Greater Resistances Poison (L), Fixed Damage (G)

Immunities: Proportional Damage, Berserk, Slow, Stop, Silence, Sleep, Stone, Morphable Items

Enemy Intel: Inflicting enough physical damage will pressure him. Making him flinch during Inner Turmoil or Chotic Consumption will make him easier to pressure until he recovers

The Galian Beast presents one of the most formidable challenges encountered thus far, owing to its aggressive nature and devastating array of attacks.

the galian unmasked

  • "Savage Beast" stands out as the Galian Beast's signature combo attack, one that demands particular vigilance. In this assault, it lunges at a party member, immobilizing them for a brief period. Should the hold not be broken in time, the Galian Beast proceeds with a relentless series of swift slashes and swipes from its claws and tail.
  • "Flying Debris" where the creature rushes to the room's perimeter and hurls debris in your direction. Similarly, "Bestial Flare" manifests as the Galian Beast conjures a large fireball, launching it towards you. Both attacks are manageable with constant mobility, especially along a horizontal axis.
  • "Primal Roar" unleashes an area-of-effect shockwave as the Galian Beast leaps towards you, emits a thunderous roar, and generates a damaging shockwave. Due to the attack's swift initiation, evasion is practically impossible, necessitating reliance on blocking to minimize harm.
  • "Skull Crusher" involves the beast soaring into the air before crashing down on all fours. Familiar with this maneuver, you'll need to execute a timely roll to evade its devastating impact.
cloud fights galian

Throughout the battle, the Galian Beast relies on "Inner Turmoil," a phase where it advances towards you with a crimson aura. Attacking during this state prompts a devastating "Counter," where the beast retaliates with acrobatic flips, launching you or a party member into the air before slamming them down with its tail.

At approximately 50% health, the Galian Beast enters an enraged state, intensifying its aggression and agility. Existing attacks gain additional fiery energy, with rapid swipes and slashes requiring constant movement, active lock-on, and instantaneous blocking.

During this heightened phase, the Galian Beast scales the arena walls, unleashing ranged assaults such as "Bestial Flare" and the new "Wall Dive." The latter involves a powerful leap from the wall, followed by a claw swipe and an uppercut. While the initial jump can be dodged, subsequent attacks are blockable with swift reflexes.

the galian falls

As its health dwindles to around 25%, the Galian Beast executes "Chaotic Impulse," wielding a massive pillar to sweep across the arena's width. However, by retreating directly away from the beast as it initiates the attack, you can safely evade its reach.

"Chaos Flare," a variation of Bestial Flare, sees the beast leaping onto a wall and launching a red orb into the arena's center. Upon landing, it triggers a colossal shockwave of red energy. Dodging the initial orb and swiftly retreating to the outer arena perimeter barely avoids the subsequent wave.

3,700 EXP, 10 AP, 1,850 Gil, 50 Party EXP
Upon vanquishing the Galian Beast, Vincent reverts to his human form, revealing his past as a former Turk. Despite Cait Sith's offer to join forces against Sephiroth, Vincent retreats to his room and returns to his coffin.

Proceed up the steps and activate the elevator to exit the manor. Outside, Cait Sith reveals that obtaining a keystone is necessary to access the temple, mentioning its last known location at the Gold Saucer.

Utilize the nearby Rest Bench and vending/Folio machines if needed, then descend towards the village where a group of robed figures catches your attention. Their gaze shifts to the sky as Roche descends on his motorcycle from a dropship, challenging Cloud to a one-on-one duel, triggering unsettling flashes of Sephiroth in Cloud's mind.

roche returns

Roche (Nibelheim) Boss Fight

Roche (Nibelheim) Weaknesses: N/A Lesser/Greater Resistances Stop (L)

Immunities: Proportional Damage, Slow, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Stone, Morphable Items

Enemy Intel: Inflicting damage after he performs special attacks will pressure him With no allies to aid you, victory hinges solely on Cloud's prowess. Roche proves to be an agile adversary, adept at evading multiple attacks in rapid succession.

In this intense swordfight, prioritize perfect blocks to swiftly stagger Roche. His sword slashes emit waves of purple energy, but they pose minimal threat if dodged or blocked effectively.

  • "Stygian Chains" to momentarily immobilize Cloud, allowing him to land free hits or execute other attacks.
  • "Soul Cleave" imbues his sword with purple fire, delivering a sweeping horizontal or diagonal strike.
  • "Combustion Sword" involves Roche leaping and causing a fiery explosion upon landing. "Dragoon Dive" is a similar move, featuring a higher leap and a stabbing motion that triggers a larger explosion upon impact.

roche dies

As Roche's health diminishes, he begins to struggle, reducing his offensive capabilities significantly. He remains in a pressured state, facilitating a swift conclusion to the battle by staggering him without much difficulty.

You earn 3,238 EXP, 10 AP, 1,573 Gil, 50 Party EXP, and 1 Elixir for your victory.

After overcoming Roche, he murmurs cryptically about the inevitability of degradation before collapsing. The robed figures converge around him, and to everyone's shock, Roche rises again, now transformed into one of them. Cloud grapples with his own fears of degradation, but Tifa and Aerith offer reassurance.

Meanwhile, in Sector 5 Undercity, Glenn appears on television during a Wutai broadcast, condemning Rufus's actions as instigating war and exposing Shinra's monstrous experiments. He calls for a witness named "Sarruf," who fails to materialize. Tseng informs Rufus and his associates about Glenn's background as a former SOLDIER turned defector.

glenn declares war

Rufus shifts his focus to tracking Aerith above all else and plans to address Glenn's broadcast. Meanwhile, in Nibelheim, the group notices smoke rising from the airstrip in the distance and decides to investigate.

Regardless of whether you have a chocobo available, exit the village and follow the path along the mountainside until you reach the airstrip, where Cid awaits. Cid inquires about Aerith's mother and recalls meeting Aerith in her childhood. Distraught by the news of Ifalna's demise, Cid offers to take you to the Gold Saucer without charge. Approach Cid near his plane and agree to embark. Just before departure, Vincent unexpectedly boards the plane, citing unfinished business with Sephiroth.

As the plane flies, both rotors malfunction, forcing an emergency landing in a nearby body of water not far from the Gold Saucer.