Planets and Systems Confirmed in Star Wars Outlaws

Planets and Systems Confirmed in Star Wars Outlaws IMAGE 0

Star Wars Outlaws has a vast open world you can navigate, made up of many unique planets throughout various systems. There are many iconic locations from the franchise, so you might want to know which ones you can visit. Here are all the confirmed planets and systems in Star Wars Outlaws so far. Exploring the…

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Star Wars Outlaws Xbox Controllers

Star Wars Outlaws Xbox Controllers image 1

Exciting news for Star Wars fans and Xbox gamers alike as Xbox Design Labs unveils the latest addition to its customization options: Star Wars Outlaws-themed controllers. Set against the backdrop of the highly anticipated Ubisoft game, Star Wars Outlaws, these controllers offer players the chance to immerse themselves even further into the galaxy far, far…

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How to Get Luke & Yoda in Fortnite: Unveiling the Process

How to Get Luke & Yoda in Fortnite image 1

Luke and Yoda: The Arrival in Fortnite Fortnite enthusiasts were delighted with the arrival of Luke Skywalker and Yoda, courtesy of the May 4th event. For those eager to add these iconic characters to their collection, here’s a comprehensive guide on acquiring both Luke and Yoda in Fortnite. Acquiring Luke and Yoda in Fortnite: A…

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Ubisoft Controversy Over Jabba the Hutt Star Wars Outlaws DLC

Star Wars outlaws advert

As a gamer invested in the Star Wars universe, you likely had high hopes when Ubisoft announced their open world bounty hunter game Star Wars Outlaws. However, controversy erupted when Ubisoft revealed Jabba the Hutt as a season pass exclusive character. While playing as the notorious Hutt crime lord may sound appealing to some, many…

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Star Wars Content Is Coming Back to Fortnite in May


Star Wars Returns to Fortnite in May Classic Characters and Locations Return This May, Star Wars is returning to Fortnite with classic characters and locations from the original trilogy. Players can expect to see the return of skins like Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Finn. Locations from the movies like the Millennium Falcon will also…

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KOTOR Remake Boss Confirms Work Is Underway

knights of the old republic characters

KOTOR Remake Confirmed to Be in Development Despite Rumors After months of speculation, Saber Interactive’s CEO Matthew Karch has finally confirmed that a Knights of the Old Republic remake is in active development. In an interview, Karch stated “it’s obvious we’re working on this” and that the project is “alive and well”. This news comes…

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Star Wars Outlaws Gets Optimized

Star Wars Outlaws Gets Optimized image 1

DLSS3 Provides Incredible Performance for Star Wars Outlaws Faster Frame Rates and Higher Resolutions With Star Wars Outlaws getting optimized, it can run at significantly faster frame rates, even at higher resolutions. DLSS creates ultra-high resolution frames using dedicated AI processors on the GPU called Tensor Cores. The DLSS3 algorithm generates new frames entirely from…

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Disastrous Launch of Star Wars Battlefront

Disastrous Launch of Star Wars Battlefront image 1

Overview of the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Launch Lack of Servers and Preparation The launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was disastrous due to Aspyr’s lack of preparation and foresight regarding server capacity and gameplay issues. With nearly 10,000 players attempting to access the game at launch and only 3 64-player servers available,…

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Star Wars Game Cancelled

Star Wars Game Cancelled image 1

Breaking News: Respawn’s Star Wars FPS Game Cancelled Development Halted Respawn Entertainment, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, has cancelled development of their highly anticipated first-person Star Wars shooter. According to sources at EA, the project has been halted to allow Respawn to focus their efforts on their battle royale game Apex Legends. Years in the…

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Star Wars Battlefront Returns

Star Wars Battlefront Returns image 1

Star Wars: Battlefront and Battlefront II Coming to Steam Get ready for some serious nostalgia. On March 14th, the Star Wars Battlefront returns to Steam, bringing back the original Battlefront games from 2004 and 2005. For just $35.01, you’ll get to relive all your favorite Galactic Conquest and Instant Action moments from the classic era.…

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