Star Wars Outlaws Gets Optimized

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DLSS3 Provides Incredible Performance for Star Wars Outlaws

Faster Frame Rates and Higher Resolutions

With Star Wars Outlaws getting optimized, it can run at significantly faster frame rates, even at higher resolutions. DLSS creates ultra-high resolution frames using dedicated AI processors on the GPU called Tensor Cores. The DLSS3 algorithm generates new frames entirely from previous frames, boosting frame rates well beyond the capabilities of the GPU alone. You'll experience the thrill of dogfighting at breakneck speeds in stunning 4K resolution with max settings enabled!

Latency-Free VR

DLSS3 generates extra frames to enable latency-free VR experiences, eliminating motion-to-photon latency. Each eye receives a steady 90 FPS, allowing for an incredibly immersive experience as you pilot your starship through intense space battles. The extra performance from DLSS3 is the key to delivering this kind of premium VR experience without latency or dropped frames.

Reflex System Latency Analyzer

NVIDIA Reflex delivers a revolutionary new Latency Analyzer tool, giving you real-time data on system latency. See your click-to-photon latency in milliseconds and make tweaks to optimize your setup. Reflex helps ensure you have the fastest, most responsive controls for dominating in Star Wars Outlaws. With Reflex and DLSS3, you'll have a competitive edge like never before!

Whether in VR or on a desktop monitor, DLSS3 and Reflex take Star Wars Outlaws to the next level. Experience the game as it was meant to be played - with maximum immersion, lightning fast performance, and ultra-low latency. The future of gaming is here, and it's more incredible than you ever imagined!

Stunning Ray Traced Lighting and Reflections Bring the Star Wars Universe to Life

Get ready for a visual experience like no other, Star Wars fans! With the power of DLSS3 and ray tracing, Outlaws brings the galaxy far, far away to stunning life.

Incredible Fidelity Through Ray Tracing

Ray tracing simulates the way light interacts with objects in the real world to create hyper-realistic graphics. In Outlaws, ray tracing is used to render dynamic shadows, reflective and refractive surfaces, and global illumination for cinematic quality visuals.

Glorious Reflections and Highlights

Every material surface becomes a mirror into the world around it. See the glint of metal, the sheen of polished floors, and the way light dances across textured fabrics. Characters and environments are brought into sharp focus with realistic highlights and specular reflections.

Cinematic Shadows and Diffuse Lighting

No more jagged edges or unnatural darkness. Ray tracing delivers soft, gradating shadows that react dynamically to both direct and indirect light sources. Indirect lighting, or global illumination, simulates the way light scatters and reflects in the atmosphere to illuminate surfaces more naturally.

A New Level of Immersion

Combined with the cutting edge power of DLSS3, ray tracing in Outlaws provides an almost photorealistic experience. Details down to the finest textures and tiniest scratches are rendered with precision. Step into living, breathing environments where light and shadow merge seamlessly to enhance the drama and draw you deeper into the adventure. The future of gaming starts now - are you ready to jump to lightspeed?

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NVIDIA Reflex Offers Competitive Edge With Reduced System Latency

NVIDIA Reflex is finally here, competitive gamers, and it’s going to give you the speed boost you’ve been dreaming of! Reflex reduces latency throughout the system, from your mouse click all the way to the action happening on screen. We’re talking milliseconds shaved off at every point, adding up to a seriously quick competitive advantage.

Lightning Fast Mouse Response

When you make that split-second flick shot, your mouse click will register up to 3 times faster with Reflex, thanks to optimizations in the USB stack and mouse firmware. Every millisecond counts in the heat of battle, so you’ll notice how incredibly responsive your mouse feels. Move, click, eliminate!

GPU Rendering on Overdrive

Reflex pushes your GPU to render frames faster, so what you see on screen is closer to real time. Up to a 50% improvement in click-to-photon latency means you’ll see enemies and react before they even know you’re there. Reflex also stabilizes frame rates during intense firefights when every frame matters most.

Game Ready Drivers Fine-Tuned for Reflex

Our dedicated team of driver engineers have optimized and tested Reflex with your favorite competitive shooters to provide the absolute lowest latency and plug-and-play experience. Just install the latest Game Ready Driver, enable Reflex in your game’s settings, and you’ll immediately feel the difference.

Competitive gamers, prepare to gain a serious edge over your opponents. Star Wars Outlaws gets optimized will deliver the ultimate combination of speed, responsiveness and performance so you can focus on what really matters - achieving victory! The future of esports starts now. See you on the leaderboards!

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