KOTOR Remake Boss Confirms Work Is Underway

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KOTOR Remake Confirmed to Be in Development Despite Rumors

After months of speculation, Saber Interactive's CEO Matthew Karch has finally confirmed that a Knights of the Old Republic remake is in active development. In an interview, Karch stated "it's obvious we're working on this" and that the project is "alive and well". This news comes as a huge relief to Star Wars fans who have been anxiously awaiting an official announcement.

A Remake Long Overdue

The original KOTOR, released in 2003, has long been regarded as one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made. Its compelling story, memorable characters, and morality system captivated players. However, the game is clearly showing its age with outdated graphics and gameplay. A remake done right could introduce this timeless tale to new generations while giving longtime fans a chance to experience it anew.

A Passion Project

According to Karch, remaking such a beloved game is a "passion project" for Saber Interactive. He says the team is working hard to stay true to the spirit of the original while modernizing it for today's audiences. If they're able to strike that balance, this could be a remake for the ages. Of course, living up to the lofty expectations of nostalgic fans is no easy task. But with KOTOR's story and characters as a foundation, Saber Interactive is off to a great start.

The future is looking bright for this Star Wars legend. After many false starts, it seems the wait for an official KOTOR remake may finally be coming to an end. The Force is strong with this one!

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Project Lead Casey Hudson: "It's Obvious We're Working on This"

If you're a die-hard Knights of the Old Republic fan, get excited - Casey Hudson, Saber Interactive's boss, finally confirmed that the long-rumored KOTOR remake is underway!

Development Underway

In an interview, Hudson said "it's obvious we're working on this" and that the project is "alive and well." After years of speculation, rumors, and radio silence, this is the best news fans could have hoped for! The force is strong with this one.

A Dream Come True

For Star Wars gamers, a KOTOR remake is the stuff of legends. The original game revolutionized the RPG genre and cemented KOTOR as one of the greatest Star Wars stories ever told. To experience that tale of light and dark, good and evil with modern graphics will be a dream come true for many. The force has awakened, and it's ready to transport us back to that galaxy far, far away once more.

The Force Returns

While details on the remake are still scarce, Hudson's comments confirm what we've long suspected - KOTOR will return. The force works in mysterious ways, but sometimes it grants our deepest desires. After so many false starts and disappointments, KOTOR fans can rejoice that Bioware's masterpiece will soon be reborn. Our patience has been rewarded. The Old Republic era will live again!

May the force be with us - the wait is finally over! An epic Star Wars adventure is on the horizon. The KOTOR remake is real, and the force has come back in full power. Our KOTOR wishes have come true at last!

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Examining the Confusing Timeline of the KOTOR Remake

Woohoo, Star Wars fans rejoice! After years of rumors and speculation, Aspyr Media’s studio head has finally confirmed that a Knights of the Old Republic remake is in active development. How exciting is that?!

This news comes as a relief after the project seemed to disappear into a black hole. Last year, rumors erupted that the remake had moved into full production. But then—radio silence. Fans were left scratching their heads about whether the game was still being made or had been canceled.

Thankfully, Aspyr’s boss cleared everything up, saying “it’s not a secret anymore that [Aspyr is] working on the KOTOR remake”. Phew!

Even with the confirmation, the timeline of events has still been pretty confusing. Aspyr obtained the rights and began pre-production in 2019. News of the remake leaked in 2021, followed by job listings that hinted at full production.


With Aspyr’s confirmation, we now know for sure that the KOTOR remake is alive and well. The studio head said the team is “putting all of [their] efforts into making it the best game [they] can”. This is the news Star Wars gamers have been looking for!

The KOTOR remake is shaping up to be an epic revival of a beloved classic. May the force be with the dev team—we have a good feeling about this!

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