FF7 Rebirth Walkthrough – A New Journey Begins

Upon awakening the following morning, step out of your room and you'll discover a pouch containing Queen's Blood playing cards. Take this opportunity to engage in a tutorial on playing the card game, with the chance to challenge various opponents in Kalm and beyond.

Regardless of whether you complete the tutorial, proceed downstairs where Broden, the hotel manager, will relay a message from Barret indicating that you have the day off but should prepare your equipment. Broden suggests visiting the arms dealer and Maghnata Books to enhance your folios.

cloud meets brogan

Leave the hotel and you'll be greeted by Red XIII, expressing gratitude for saving him during Remake and pledging to accompany you until his debt is repaid, officially joining your party.

red joins the team

Bucolic Kalm

From the square, head southeast to the opposite end and cross the bridge, then turn right to find Aerith outside the bookstore.

She'll invite you to join her in climbing the clocktower, a decision that may affect your friendship with her. Inside the bookstore, speak with the employee at the counter to receive a tutorial on Customizing Folios after allocating your Skill Points.

Upon exiting the bookstore, cross back over the bridge and walk around the right side of the square to find Tifa. Engage in conversation with her regarding the central tank structure, which will influence your friendship based on your response.

Continue past Tifa to the steps on the far right side of the square, where you'll find Selvacarsa Weapons.

Enter the shop and speak with the employee for a tutorial on Upgrading Weapons. Upon completion, exit the store and head left, then up the steps to reach the clocktower where Aerith awaits.

aerith and cloud (Kalm)

Follow Aerith up the spiraling staircase and join her in admiring the view of Midgar in the distance. As you discuss the events of the previous night with Tifa, Shinra forces suddenly swarm Kalm, prompting you and Aerith to prepare for defense.


Descend the tower stairs (or use the slide pole) and as you exit, Boden will intercept you before facing Shinra's forces. He urges you to follow him back to the inn where Red XIII, Barret, and Tifa are supposedly safe.

cloud chasing boden

Follow Boden down the steps, avoiding Shinra soldiers, until you reach a bridge where Boden agrees to distract them. Climb up using the handholds to the left and navigate across the wooden platforms.

Upon reaching the far end, slide down the pole to reunite with Boden and follow him to the back door of the inn. Inside, Boden will provide you with some items and offer an optional item transmutation tutorial.

Afterward, descend the nearby ladder to meet up with Barret, Tifa, and Red XIII. Following a brief explanation, Barret orders the group onward. Proceed down the tunnel, crouching under obstacles, and retrieve items from a chest along the way.

the grasslands

Shimmy through a gap and exit the tunnel, emerging into the Grasslands.

On Our Way

As the group grapples with the reality of being unable to return to Kalm, they prepare to depart. Red XIII takes the lead, and the open world becomes available for exploration.

To distance yourselves from Kalm, follow the path and engage in battles along the way. Note the orange pin on your compass, guiding you to a small farm under the brick arches.

Speak with the man near the bench to complete the Coconspirator Discovery. Head back down the path toward the Abandoned Dock marker on the compass.

meeting bill

Along the way, you'll encounter Bill, who advises heading to the nearby dock for refuge. Navigate past Elephunk and proceed through the forest to reach the dock, where you'll find a Sleek Saber weapon in a chest.

Discuss whether to use a boat or seek refuge at a Chocobo ranch nearby. Follow the path eastward, defeating Orcs and Mu, until you arrive at Bill's Chocobo Ranch.

chocobo farm

Bill directs you to his grandson Billy in the barn to assist with selecting a chocobo. Inside, Billy offers a compromise: if you can find and bring back a missing chocobo named Piko, it's yours for free.

Speak with Chloe to obtain gysahl greens for luring Piko. Leave the barn and follow the chocobo feathers to locate Piko in the tall grass.

Catching Piko involves a stealth mini-game to avoid detection by other chocobos. Use rocks to distract Piko and mount it when prompted.

Return to the ranch with Piko, where Billy expresses gratitude. Chadley, a mysterious figure, appears and requests assistance in reactivating remnawave towers for battle intel.

Activate the nearby tower with the CHAD module and consult with Chadley about research tasks and materia development.

With Piko ready, call it using the Chocowhistle and participate in the Hustle de Chocobo race. Now mounted on Piko, head southwest toward the abandoned dock.

abandoned dock

Ride Piko down the waterway until a cutscene triggers, revealing Sephiroth on the shore. Continue past him until Midgardsormr emerges, initiating a boss fight.

midgar swamp snake

Midgardsormr Boss Fight

Utilize strategic dodging and blocking to counter Midgardsormr's attacks, focusing on exploiting its weakness to ice.

As the battle progresses, Midgardsormr becomes more aggressive, incorporating flame attacks and additional abilities.

fighting midgar swamp snake

Coordinate with your party to effectively stagger Midgardsormr and exploit its vulnerabilities, utilizing Limit Breaks and Synergy Abilities when possible.

Survive Midgardsormr's onslaught until Sephiroth intervenes, concluding the battle.

Following the encounter, Cloud awakens as Aerith calls his name, prompting the party to pursue cloaked figures into a dark cavern, concluding Chapter 2.