Relic Entertainment Announces Layoffs After Split From Sega

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Relic Entertainment Announces Sweeping Cuts and Layoffs After Split From Sega Relic Undergoes Restructuring Relic Entertainment, the developer behind acclaimed strategy game franchises like Dawn of War and Company of Heroes, has confirmed another round of layoffs following its split from Sega in late 2020. According to sources within the studio, Relic is undergoing a…

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Sega Studios Layoffs

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Layoffs Hit Sega Studios Across Europe Creative Assembly and Hardlight Studios Affected Sega announced layoffs impacting Creative Assembly, developer of the Total War series, and Hardlight, developer of Sonic mobile games. The layoffs are part of a shift in “focus and resources,” according to Sega, as the company restructures its European operations. Nearly 350 Jobs…

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Crazy Taxi Update

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Sega Announces New Triple-a Crazy Taxi Game Rebooting a Classic Sega just announced they’re bringing back Crazy Taxi as a triple-A title, and fans couldn’t be more psyched! This arcade racer classic is getting a modern reboot with shiny new graphics and gameplay tuned for today’s consoles. Sega’s going all out to make this the…

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