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Sega Announces New Triple-a Crazy Taxi Game

Rebooting a Classic

Sega just announced they're bringing back Crazy Taxi as a triple-A title, and fans couldn't be more psyched! This arcade racer classic is getting a modern reboot with shiny new graphics and gameplay tuned for today's consoles. Sega's going all out to make this the most over-the-top Crazy Taxi yet.

High Speed Thrills

If you loved the original, get ready for high-speed thrills on steroids. Sega's turning the crazy up to 11 with massive open world environments, stunt jumps that'll make you lose your lunch, and traffic that'll make rush hour look like a cakewalk. The iconic punk rock soundtrack is coming back louder than ever to get your heart pounding as you tear through the streets.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The best part is Sega's building in way more options to choose your own adventure. You'll get to pick between different tricked out taxis, each with unique abilities to match your wild driving style. And the open world means you're in the driver's seat to find the most insane routes and pick up fares wherever you want. Every fare's a surprise in this open world.

Get ready to go completely bonkers when Sega's new Crazy Taxi hits the streets. This triple-A reboot is shaping up to be an absolute joyride from start to finish! Clear your schedule now 'cause you'll be calling in crazy to play hooky when this game launches!Crazy Taxi Update image 2

What We Know So Far About the Crazy Taxi Reboot

Return of the Crazy Cabbie

You read that right, buckle up because the Crazy Taxi is coming back! Sega has confirmed they’re bringing the iconic arcade racer roaring onto modern platforms. After years of rumors, a developer recently hinted that the reboot will be “bigger than anyone is expecting.” Could this mean a massive 100-player survival mode? We can only speculate, but one thing’s for sure - the familiar frantic fares and punk rock soundtrack are making a comeback.

Familiar Yet New

While Sega’s keeping details under wraps, they promise the spirit of the original will stay intact. At its core, it’ll still be you, the cab, and a city full of passengers to pick up and drop off, all against the clock. Beyond that, we’re in for some surprises. Improved graphics are a given, but what if they go full open world? Or implement an online multiplayer where you compete against other cabbies? Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the scene, this reboot’s shaping up to reignite that classic Crazy Taxi chaos.

Buckle Up, The Ride’s About to Begin

We’ve waited years for this moment, and at long last our patience is paying off. The king of arcade racers is gearing up for a triumphant return. While the details remain sparse, one thing’s crystal clear - Sega’s going all out to make this the most over-the-top, action-packed Crazy Taxi yet. So buckle up, the open road’s calling and the ride of your life is about to begin! This reboot’s going to be crazy - and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Our Hopes for the New Crazy Taxi Game

Calling all thrill-seeking gamer's—Crazy Taxi is back and better than ever! The reboot of this classic arcade driving game is going to be a showstopper.

We’re hoping Sega delivers the same over-the-top, pedal-to-the-metal excitement of the original. Careening down the streets, pulling off daredevil stunts, and breaking every traffic law in the book—that’s the Crazy Taxi we know and love! This new version should crank up the action with suped-up cabs, nitro boosters, and extreme tracks full of loop-de-loops and jumps.

What’s a cab without some character? The new Crazy Taxi should give us plenty of options to pimp our rides with decals, paint jobs, and accessories so we can make each taxi as wild as its driver. And more tracks, cab models, and game modes would give the game play loads of extra mileage.

A game this high-energy is meant to be shared and multiplayer is a must. Local split-screen would be awesome for competing with friends, but online multiplayer could make Crazy Taxi a global phenomenon. Players everywhere could show off their skills, race against each other, collaborate on challenges, and make connections in a community fueled by a shared need for speed.

Sega, we know you’ve got something epic in store for Crazy Taxi fans. This reboot is going to take everything we love about the original, crank it up to 11, and unleash it into today’s world of high-performance gaming. We’re ready to hit the road again for a wild ride into the future of Crazy Taxi! Start your engines— we’ll see you at the finish line!

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