Relic Entertainment Announces Layoffs After Split From Sega

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Relic Entertainment Announces Sweeping Cuts and Layoffs After Split From Sega

Relic Undergoes Restructuring

Relic Entertainment, the developer behind acclaimed strategy game franchises like Dawn of War and Company of Heroes, has confirmed another round of layoffs following its split from Sega in late 2020. According to sources within the studio, Relic is undergoing a company-wide restructuring to refocus its direction in the wake of becoming an independent studio once more. These layoffs are said to impact multiple departments, though the exact number of employees affected remains unclear.

Shift to Next-Generation Consoles and PC

Reports indicate Relic aims to prioritize developing games for next-generation consoles and PC going forward. The studio is believed to be working on one or more new projects, though no official announcements have been made. Some former employees speculate the layoffs could be tied to these unannounced games, allowing Relic to restructure teams around the new projects.

An Uncertain Future

These latest round of layoffs casts further uncertainty over Relic’s future as an independent studio. Though Relic found success under Sega publishing acclaimed real-time strategy games, operating as an independent studio brings additional challenges. Relic must now secure its own funding and publishing deals for future projects without Sega’s support. While Relic’s talent and experience developing strategy games remains, questions remain regarding the studio’s long term stability after so much upheaval. The coming months will be crucial in determining Relic’s path forward.

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41 Employees Let Go in Latest Round of Layoffs at Relic

It is with deep regret that Relic Entertainment has confirmed another round of layoffs impacting 41 employees across multiple departments. According to an official statement, “Relic Entertainment has made the difficult decision to reduce approximately 41 positions in order to ensure the studio’s resources are properly aligned with its product portfolio.”

Focus on Core Franchises

Relic intends to focus resources on its most successful franchises, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War. While the studio has other unannounced projects in early development, the core real-time strategy franchises remain the priority. The layoffs appear to predominantly impact non-development staff and contractors.

A Difficult Reality

While disheartening, the restructuring is aimed at securing Relic Entertainment’s position as an independent studio focused on its hallmark strategy franchises. The studio has weathered many changes, but the passion for crafting beautifully designed real-time strategy games remains unchanged. The coming months will reveal how Relic aims to build on that legacy as it navigates its newfound independence.

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Relic's Robyn Smale Confirms Layoffs and Restructuring in LinkedIn Post

Robyn Smale, Relic Entertainment’s Director of Talent Acquisition, confirmed significant layoffs and restructuring at the studio in a recent LinkedIn post.In her statement, Smale noted that Relic “had to make some tough decisions to ensure their long term success.” The studio is scaling back development on some unannounced projects in order to focus resources on their “cornerstone franchises” like Dawn of War and Company of Heroes.

Recent layoffs have also affected other studios, with Sony recently cutting 900 jobs from their PlayStation division. Analysts predict there is still more to come.


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