Enshrouded 2024 Roadmap

Enshrouded 2024 Roadmap image 1

Enshrouded’s Roadmap Reveals Long-Awaited Features New Quests and Missions Enshrouded 2024 Roadmap will release six new quest lines in 2024, including two main story quests continuing the game’s central narrative. The current amount of players logging into Enshrouded is over 2 million, so these Players can look forward to over 50 hours of new quest…

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How To Unlock Feathers In Enshrouded

How To Unlock Feathers In Enshrouded image 1

Understanding Feathers in Enshrouded Are you ready to unlock some sweet feathers in Enshrouded? Let’s dive in! Feathers are special cosmetic items you can equip on your character to customize their look. How to Get Feathers The main way to get feathers is by completing quests and challenges in the game. As you progress through…

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Enshrouded Hits 2 Million Players

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Enshrouded Reaches Major Milestone of 2 Million Players You heard that right, enshrouded hits 2 mllion players exploring its misty world! Within the first month of its release, the open-world adventure game has captivated gamers everywhere. A Positive Reception With a “very positive” rating on Steam and extremely enthusiastic reviews, it’s clear players are loving the…

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