How To Unlock Feathers In Enshrouded

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Understanding Feathers in Enshrouded

Are you ready to unlock some sweet feathers in Enshrouded? Let's dive in! Feathers are special cosmetic items you can equip on your character to customize their look.

How to Get Feathers

The main way to get feathers is by completing quests and challenges in the game. As you progress through the story and side quests, you'll be rewarded with different feathers upon completion. You can also get feathers from participating in seasonal events and completing daily challenges.

Types of Feathers

There are common feathers like Crow, Raven and Eagle feathers which provide a simple black or brown look. As you get farther into the game, you'll unlock rarer, more colorful feathers like the Scarlet Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw and Rainbow Lorikeet feathers. The rarest feathers are the Phoenix, Peacock and Bird of Paradise feathers which feature vibrant red, blue and orange colors.

Equipping different feather types allows you to create a unique look for your character and show off your accomplishments. Mixing and matching different feathers together can result in some pretty dazzling combinations!

Unlocking Higher Tier Feathers

To unlock the rarer, higher tier feathers, you need to progress farther into the main story and complete quest lines on the harder difficulty levels. Defeating dungeon and raid bosses on the highest difficulties provides the best chance at looting epic and legendary feathers. You can also use special feather charms and boosts purchased from the in-game store to increase your odds.

With some dedication, you'll be decked out in the rarest, most radiant feathers in no time! Enshrouded's feather system provides a fun way to customize your character and gives you goals to work towards as you adventure through the game. Now get out there and spread your wings!

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The Best Ways to Obtain Feathers

Complete Daily and Weekly Quests

Completing quests is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to earn feathers! Check in daily to get your easy login reward feathers, then take on a few quick daily quests like gathering resources or exploring a new area. The weekly quests unlock each Monday and offer bigger feather payouts for bigger tasks. Get your guildmates together and knock out a weekly quest in no time!

Defeat Tough Enemies

Some of the meanest enemies in Enshrouded, like trolls, goblins, and the undead, drop feathers when defeated. As you level up, venture into higher-level areas to take on bigger baddies. The feathers you earn from defeating enemies scale with your level, so defeating higher-level enemies means more feathers! Team up with friends or your guild to defeat enemies faster.

Sell Extra Items

As you explore Enshrouded, you'll loot plenty of extra weapons, armor, reagents, and other items you don't need. Take them to any merchant in the game and sell them for gold, then use your gold to buy feathers. The items you sell will be worth more gold at higher levels, so keep leveling up to earn more gold and buy more feathers.

Feathers unlock so many fun things in Enshrouded, from fancy gear to cool mounts and pets. With quests to complete, enemies to defeat, and extra items to sell, you'll have feathers in no time. Keep at it, explore all Enshrouded has to offer, and before you know it you'll have feathers coming out of your ears! Now get out there, gear up, and happy hunting!

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Using Feathers to Unlock Perks and Upgrades

Now that you've collected your first feathers, it's time to spend them on some sweet upgrades! Feathers are the main currency in Enshrouded used to unlock perks, abilities and boost your stats. The more feathers you find, the more powerful your character becomes.

Unlocking Perks

Perks provide passive bonuses and new abilities. Check the perk tree to view options like increased health, stamina or magic find. Once you have enough feathers, click to unlock your desired perk. Some perks also have level requirements, so keep leveling up your character through questing and combat.

Upgrading Gear

Use feathers to upgrade your weapons, armor and accessories. Upgrades increase item stats like damage, defense or mana regeneration. The higher the upgrade, the more powerful the item becomes. Focus on upgrading your most important gear first before moving onto other items.

Re-specing Your Character

Have your build not turning out how you envisioned? No problem! Head to any major city and talk to the Mystic to re-spec your character. For a fee of feathers, you can reallocate all of your stat points and perks to create the perfect build. Experiment with different builds to find one that matches your playstyle.

Collecting feathers and spending them wisely is key to dominating the world of Enshrouded. Unlock new perks and upgrades often to strengthen your character and achieve new feats. The more you explore, the more feathers you'll find - so get out there, defeat enemies, complete quests and make your character a force to be reckoned with!

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