Enshrouded Hits 2 Million Players

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Enshrouded Reaches Major Milestone of 2 Million Players

You heard that right, enshrouded hits 2 mllion players exploring its misty world! Within the first month of its release, the open-world adventure game has captivated gamers everywhere.

A Positive Reception

With a “very positive” rating on Steam and extremely enthusiastic reviews, it's clear players are loving the mystery and intrigue of Enshrouded.

Listening to Feedback

Keen Games, the studio behind Enshrouded, has been actively collecting player feedback. They announced over 2,600 new feature requests from fans so far. The developers are reviewing all suggestions and working to implement highly requested changes in future updates.

An Expanding World

To keep players engaged, Keen Games has promised continuous updates with new quests, characters, locations, and storylines. The world of Enshrouded is ever-growing and evolving. With so much already built into the initial release and much more to come, it’s no wonder gamers can’t stop exploring the foggy fantasy realm of Enshrouded.

When Enshrouded hits 2 mllion players, it shows a true testament to Keen Games’ dedication to crafting an immersive experience. Enshrouded offers a richly detailed world begging to be discovered, and players around the globe have enthusiastically answered the call. The future looks bright for this up-and-coming open world adventure.

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Top New Feature Requests From the Enshrouded Community

PvP Mode

Enshrouded fans have been clamoring for player vs player combat for ages. The idea is you could duel other players or join team deathmatches to prove your mastery of spells and swordplay. While tricky to implement, the devs say it's at the top of their list.

New Regions to Explore

With over 100 hours of gameplay in the current world, players crave new lands to discover. The frozen tundra of Arkanoth, lush jungles of Xal'quar, and windswept Plateaus of Xerxes are a few biomes on players' wishlists. Exploring uncharted territory and facing unknown dangers is a huge part of the game's appeal.

Expanded Crafting System

Enshrouded's crafting system lets you forge weapons, brew potions, and enchant gear, but players want more. Requests include woodworking, leatherworking, alchemy, cooking, and gemcutting professions. The ability to build player housing and furnishings is another popular suggestion. An expanded economy with new items to buy, sell and trade could create an entirely new gameplay loop.

While ambitious, these feature requests show the passion of Enshrouded's dedicated fans. The devs have their work cut out for them, but with a little magic and a lot of elbow grease, our favorite dark fantasy RPG could become even more enchanting. The future looks bright in this shadowy world!

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The Road Ahead: What's Next for Enshrouded?

With over 2 million players and counting, the developers at Keen Games have their work cut out for them.

New Adventures

The studio has already announced expansions to the current world, including whole new regions to explore beyond the Shrouded Peaks. Players can look forward to trekking through dense jungles, venturing into the ruins of an ancient underwater city, and even journeying to the moon.

Advanced Combat

Big Void also aims to expand the combat system by adding new weapons, skills, and player abilities. For example, players have been requesting mounted combat, and the devs have hinted that riding into battle on the backs of griffins and hippogriffs might become a reality. They’re also working on a “permadeath” mode for hardcore players.

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Player Housing

One of the most requested features is the ability for players to purchase and customize homes. Big Void wants to give players a chance to put down more permanent roots in the world by offering housing options in cities and settlements. Players could buy and decorate everything from cozy cottages to sprawling manors, depending on their budget.

Crafting Overhaul

Finally, the crafting system is getting a major revamp. Big Void wants to make crafting a more integral part of the gameplay experience by allowing players to craft a wider array of useful items, including weapons, armor, potions, and building materials for homes. The new system will give dedicated crafters a chance to make a name for themselves as master artisans.

With so much in the works, the future looks bright for Enshrouded and its dedicated players. The road ahead may be long, but it’s sure to lead to new and exciting adventures. The best is yet to come!

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