How to Recruit Retinue in Manor Lords

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Raising a powerful army in Manor Lords is essential for defending your village from raids or invasions. Retinue units offer superior combat performance and efficiency compared to other types of soldiers but how do you get them? In my how to recruit Retinue in Manor Lords guide, i shall explain exactly how to acheive this.…


How to Trade in Manor Lords

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Trade is an essential mechanic in Manor Lords that allows you to turn gathered goods into Regional Wealth and use that wealth to import other necessary goods. Having played the game extensively, I’ve come to appreciate the power of the trading system. This guide will explain all the steps to set up a trading post,…


Manor Lords Early Access Review

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Aspect Details  Title  Manor Lords  Developer  Slavic Magic  Publisher  Slavic Magic  Genre  City-building, Strategy  Platforms  Microsoft Windows  Early Access Release Date  Q4 2024 (Projected)  Mode  Single-player   Manor Lords offers a picturesque journey into the medieval world, where bustling villages and intricate landscapes come to life. Its complex yet engaging economy, along with the immersive…


How to Get More Money in Manor Lords

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Welcome to Manor Lords, where mastering the art of wealth management is crucial for building a thriving medieval empire. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of earning Regional Wealth and Treasury funds, exploring various strategies to boost your coffers and ensure prosperity in your realm. Whether you’re upgrading Burgage Plots, engaging in lucrative…


Manor Lords Update

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Exciting news has emerged for fans of the hit city builder Manor Lords, as developer Slavic Magic unveils the details of the game’s first major patch, version 0.7.960. This significant update brings a plethora of bug fixes and gameplay improvements, promising to enhance the overall gaming experience. Patch Details Testing Phase While the patch is…


Manor Lords Crafting Guide: How To Farm

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Manor Lords is causing ripples in the gaming world. It already has a huge amount of players reserving the game via the wishlist on Steam and emerging as one of the most anticipated indie games of 2024. Developed by Slavic Magic, this debut project promises an immersive city-building experience set in medieval times. But what…


Manor Lords Launches on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass

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You’ve been eagerly awaiting for a new medieval city builder and now the wait is over as Manor Lords launches on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass. Developed by the indie studio Slavic Magic, Manor Lords brings innovative gameplay to the city builder genre by incorporating large-scale real-time strategy battles. Players can build…