How to Get More Money in Manor Lords

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Welcome to Manor Lords, where mastering the art of wealth management is crucial for building a thriving medieval empire. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of earning Regional Wealth and Treasury funds, exploring various strategies to boost your coffers and ensure prosperity in your realm.

Whether you're upgrading Burgage Plots, engaging in lucrative trade, or implementing taxes, understanding Manor Lords' wealth mechanics is the key to financial success.

Understanding Manor Lords Wealth

Regional Wealth vs. Treasury

In Manor Lords, wealth comes in two main forms: Regional Wealth and Treasury funds. Regional Wealth is generated by your region's civilian population through Burgage Plots and trade at the Trading Post, while Treasury funds are your personal wealth earned via your Manor. Read on to learn the secrets of how to get more money in Manor Lords.

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Ways to Increase Regional Wealth

Upgrade Burgage Plots

Leveling up your Burgage Plots is a passive way to earn Regional Wealth. Each upgrade level adds more income, with Level 3 Burgage Plots earning the most wealth. Increasing living space in Burgage Plots adds more families and boosts earnings further.

Engage in Trade

Utilize your region's strengths for trade. Export surplus goods like Firewood, Planks, Honey, and Rooftiles at the Trading Post for Regional Wealth. Unlocking Trade Logistics reduces trade route costs, maximizing profits over time.

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Convert Regional Wealth to Treasury

Implement Taxes

Once your community reaches Small Village level, place a Manor to set taxation options. Land Tax converts Regional Wealth into Treasury funds. Adjust tax rates to balance income with approval loss, crucial for maintaining morale and population growth.

Hiring and Settlement

Use Treasury funds to hire Mercenaries or expand your Retinue for battles. Settlement in new regions is also possible with enough Treasury coins and influence.


In Manor Lords, strategic resource management is key to increasing wealth. Experiment with trade, upgrade Burgage Plots, and implement taxes wisely to ensure a thriving economy. Clearing bandit camps can also provide a significant boost. With these strategies, you'll be on your way to amassing wealth and building a prosperous medieval town in Manor Lords.

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