Manor Lords Launches on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass

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You've been eagerly awaiting for a new medieval city builder and now the wait is over as Manor Lords launches on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

Developed by the indie studio Slavic Magic, Manor Lords brings innovative gameplay to the city builder genre by incorporating large-scale real-time strategy battles. Players can build their medieval cities, manage their peasants and resources, then take direct control of their armies when conflicts arise. With beautiful graphics and a historically-grounded setting, Manor Lords promises a fresh experience for strategy fans.

Key Features of Manor Lords at Launch

As Manor Lords launches, players can expect a wealth of features to dive into.

Comprehensive City-Building Tools

You have access to over 130 medieval buildings and infrastructure to design your settlement. Place buildings, plan roads, and zone areas for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Make strategic decisions in how your village develops and evolves over time.

Challenging Resource Management

Managing resources is crucial to keep villagers fed, warm, and productive. Ensure you have enough raw materials, food, firewood, and tools to meet the needs of your growing population. Set up supply chains and trade routes to acquire resources you lack in your local area.

Realistic Medieval Life Simulation

Over 50 types of villagers live and work in your town, all with daily schedules, homes, jobs, and families. See villagers head to the market, work in their trade workshops, socialize at the tavern, and live full, dynamic lives. Their happiness and prosperity depend on the opportunities and quality of life you provide as lord of the manor.

Epic Campaign and Free Build Modes

Choose between following a narrative campaign guiding you to build up villages in different regions, each with unique challenges, or dive into an open-ended free build mode. In free build, you have full control over the map type, resources, starting conditions, and progression speed without any objectives to complete. Build the medieval town of your dreams at your own pace!

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Given the depth of the city-building and strategy mechanics shown so far in previews and trailers, Manor Lords has the potential to stand out in the medieval city builder genre. The game's focus on realistic medieval society, tactical combat, and city management could attract fans of historically-inspired games and hardcore strategy fans alike.

If the developers deliver on their vision, Manor Lords could become a go-to recommendation for gamers looking for strategic city building gameplay with strong medieval theming and tactical combat. This ambitious indie project launching across multiple platforms is one strategy fans will want to have on their radar.

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