How to Trade in Manor Lords

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Trade is an essential mechanic in Manor Lords that allows you to turn gathered goods into Regional Wealth and use that wealth to import other necessary goods. Having played the game extensively, I've come to appreciate the power of the trading system.

This guide will explain all the steps to set up a trading post, the rules for importing and exporting, and how to establish trade routes. Understanding how to trade in Manor Lords will help you optimize your town's resources and ensure its prosperity.

Setting Up a Trading Post

Building the Trading Post

  1. Construction: The first step in setting up trade is to build a trading post, which requires 4 timber. It’s straightforward but crucial for getting your economy rolling.
  2. Staffing: Assign families to work at the trading post. These workers will manage both selling (exporting) goods and setting up marketplace stalls to distribute imported goods. Proper staffing ensures efficiency.
  3. Horse Management: You can order a new horse for 30 Regional Wealth to speed up transit times for your traders. Keep in mind, you can only have two horses assigned, so use them wisely.

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Managing Trade Operations

Understanding the Trade Tab

  1. Accessing the Trade Tab: Click on the trading post's Trade tab to view and manage your town's goods. It’s the heart of your trade operations.
  2. Categories: Goods are categorized into construction, crops, food, crafting materials, commodities, and military. This categorization helps streamline the process.

Setting Trade Rules

  1. Importing: Choose to import goods by paying Regional Wealth to bring in more of that item. This is handy when you're short on essential resources.
  2. Exporting: Send out goods in exchange for Regional Wealth. Perfect for monetizing surplus goods.
  3. Full Trade: Either import or export goods to match your desired surplus. It’s a balanced approach to maintain equilibrium.
  4. No Trade: Set goods to no trade if you do not wish to import or export them. Sometimes, it’s best to conserve certain resources.

Desired Surplus

  1. Setting Surplus: Determine how many extra units of a good you want on hand. Surplus is calculated after current construction and marketplace demand. Setting this correctly ensures you have enough resources for critical needs.
  2. Exporting: The trading post will send out goods until the surplus hits your set number. This prevents overstocking.
  3. Importing: The trading post will bring in goods until you reach the desired surplus. It’s crucial for maintaining supply levels.

Price Indicators

  1. Export and Import Prices: See the current prices for exporting and importing goods. Importing is always higher, so plan accordingly.
  2. Global Market Supply: Check the global supply indicator to understand the market dynamics. Flooding the market can make exporting impossible. Keep an eye on this to avoid market saturation.

Establishing Trade Routes

  1. Trade Routes: Pay some Regional Wealth to establish a trade route. This ensures regular visits from merchants focused on a specific good, which helps maintain a stable supply.
  2. Required Goods: Some valuable goods require a trade route for import or export. These routes are essential for sustaining high-value trades.

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Utilizing Pack Stations

Building Pack Stations

  1. Construction: Build pack stations with 1 timber. These are different from trading posts and serve a unique role.
  2. Assigning Families: Families assigned to pack stations use mules, the only place mules are used in Manor Lords. It’s a nice touch of realism.

Managing Pack Station Trade

  1. Goods Movement: Pack stations move goods between two settlements in different regions you control. This internal trade is vital for regional management.
  2. Trade Setup: In the pack station menu, set the town the station trades with, specify the goods they send out, and choose what goods they exchange for. Adjust for the relative values of the goods to ensure fair trade.

Dealing with Traveling Merchants

  1. Merchant Visits: Traveling merchants periodically wander through your town. They visit the trading post if you have one and try to buy or sell goods based on your established rules.
  2. Unpredictable Visits: Merchants’ visits are not on a strict schedule and can mix and match the goods they buy and sell. Their unpredictability can be a challenge, but also an opportunity.
  3. Establishing Trade Routes: To ensure a consistent supply, establish trade routes. This regularizes merchant visits and focuses on a specific type of good, increasing trade volume.


Mastering how to trade in Manor Lords is crucial for managing your town’s resources effectively. By setting up trading posts and pack stations, establishing trade routes, and managing the import and export of goods, you can ensure a steady flow of resources and wealth. Utilize the tips in this guide to optimize your trading strategies and keep your town thriving. With some practice and strategic planning, you'll find trading to be one of the most rewarding aspects of Manor Lords.

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