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Exciting news has emerged for fans of the hit city builder Manor Lords, as developer Slavic Magic unveils the details of the game's first major patch, version 0.7.960. This significant update brings a plethora of bug fixes and gameplay improvements, promising to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Patch Details

Testing Phase

While the patch is not yet officially released, eager players can now participate in open testing to explore the new features and changes for the Manor Lords Update. However, it's important to note that some elements, such as balance adjustments, may still be subject to refinement during this testing phase.

Instructions for Testing

Players interested in trying out the patch can access it by navigating to Manor Lords in their Steam libraries, accessing properties, and selecting the "pre_release" option from the Beta Participation dropdown list after entering the password "veryNiceBasket."

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Patch Highlights

Addressing Common Issues

Slavic Magic has prioritized addressing common player-reported issues, including clogged Trading Posts, weak archers, excessive ale consumption, and disappearing crops. These fixes aim to improve overall gameplay stability and enjoyment.

Introduction of King's Tax

A notable addition in this Manor Lords Update patch is the implementation of the King's Tax, a new major feature that rewards efficient management and penalizes poor performance. This tax, collected annually from all players, serves as a counterbalance for wealth accumulation and encourages optimized economies.

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The release of Manor Lords' first major patch marks an exciting milestone for the game's development. With a focus on addressing player feedback and introducing new gameplay mechanics, this update is poised to enhance the immersive experience of building and managing medieval settlements. Players are encouraged to participate in open testing to provide valuable feedback and help shape the future of Manor Lords.

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