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We are 3 months into 2024 so we thought we should take a look at the best Xbox 2024 Accessories. We have selected what we believe is some of the best tech for you and your Xbox.

Must-Have Xbox Series X/S Controllers & Headsets

Official Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller

The redesigned Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller offers a familiar and improved experience with a new Share button and a re-engineered shape and feel. With a refined design, enhanced comfort, and immersive impulse triggers, it provides the perfect balance of familiarity and innovation that all Xbox fans will enjoy.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is a premium wireless gaming headset designed for Xbox that delivers immersive surround sound and crystal-clear chat. With its large 50mm speakers, the Stealth 700 Gen 2 provides crisp, powerful audio with deep bass to totally immerse you in the game.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is an esports-grade controller with interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pad, adjustable triggers, and an anti-slip ergonomic grip. With its customizable buttons layout and hair trigger mode, experience ultimate control for any genre of game. This high performance controller was designed to meet the demands of competitive play.

Overall, with the right accessories like an advanced wireless controller providing extra customization options and a high-quality gaming headset delivering an immersive audio experience, you will be ready to get the most out of your new Xbox console and gain a competitive edge over others. The options are many, find what suits your playing style and budget. Happy gaming!

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Top Xbox Series X/S Storage & Charging Solutions

External Storage

To expand your Xbox Series X/S storage, an external hard drive or solid state drive is ideal. Seagate offers a range of storage expansion options compatible with Xbox Series X/S consoles. The Seagate Storage Expansion Card provides 1TB of storage and the same performance as the internal SSD. It’s an easy plug-in upgrade for more space to install games. Alternatively, for budget-friendly storage, Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox (4TB) is a portable external hard drive to store more of your favorite games.

Charging Stations

For charging multiple wireless controllers and other accessories at once, a charging station is extremely useful. The PowerA Dual Controller Charging Station charges two Xbox Wireless Controllers at a time. It features LED indicators to show charging status and auto-detects when controllers are fully charged. The PowerA Dual Controller Charging Station keeps your controllers powered up and ready for your next play session.

To summarize, by investing in additional external storage and an efficient charging station, you can enhance your overall Xbox Series X/S gaming experience. With more storage space for games and always-charged controllers on hand, you’ll be able to game for longer without interruption. The options from Seagate and PowerA highlighted here provide practical, affordable solutions for your Xbox Series X/S setup.

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Best Value Xbox Series X/S Gaming Accessories Under $50

Wired Gaming Headset

A good wired gaming headset allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a solid, affordable option at under $50 that provides high-quality stereo sound and a noise-canceling microphone. It has 50mm directional drivers for precision audio and rotatable ear cups for long-lasting comfort.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

The Xbox Wireless Controller requires AA batteries to operate, so a rechargeable battery pack is a must-have accessory. The BEBONCOOL Xbox Series X/S Rechargeable Battery Pack provides up to 20 hours of gameplay per charge and includes a USB-C charging cable. It has a built-in LED indicator to show remaining battery life and recharges in just 3 hours. This battery pack works with all Xbox Wireless Controllers.

Xbox One Media Remote

For those who also use their Xbox console as an entertainment hub, the Xbox One Media Remote is an essential add-on. It allows you to easily control video playback for apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more. The remote is ergonomically designed, with clearly marked buttons for menu navigation, playback control, and volume adjustment. It connects directly to your Xbox via infrared and works up to 30 feet away.

With a budget-friendly gaming headset, rechargeable battery pack, and media remote, you'll be equipped with useful accessories to enhance your experience without breaking the bank. By choosing highly-rated yet affordable options, you can enjoy premium features and performance for less than $50 total. These kinds of value-packed accessories are perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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