NVIDIA New GeForce Now Day Passes

NVIDIA New GeForce Now Day Passes image 1

NVIDIA Unveils New GeForce Now Day Passes Convenient and Affordable Access NVIDIA recently announced the introduction of new GeForce Now day passes, providing convenient and affordable access to their cloud gaming service. For just $9.99, subscribers can enjoy up to 6 hours of uninterrupted cloud gaming on the device of their choice. Once the time…

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GeForce Now Include Adverts

GeForce Now Include Adverts image 1

GeForce Now Introducing Ads in Free Tier GeForce Now’s free tier will soon include advertisements to generate revenue, according to NVIDIA. The ads will appear between gameplay sessions and will not interrupt the actual gaming experience. NVIDIA stated the changes are necessary to continue improving the service and keeping it free for casual gamers. Reduced…

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Nvidia’s RTX Filter

Nvidia's RTX Filter image 1

Nvidia’s RTX Filter Brings HDR to Non-HDR Games Nvidia’s new RTX HDR filter allows gamers to experience high dynamic range (HDR) visuals in games that don’t natively support the feature. The filter uses AI to transform standard dynamic range (SDR) content into HDR in real-time. Vastly Improved Visuals With the RTX HDR filter enabled, gamers…

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