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Nvidia's RTX Filter Brings HDR to Non-HDR Games

Nvidia's new RTX HDR filter allows gamers to experience high dynamic range (HDR) visuals in games that don't natively support the feature. The filter uses AI to transform standard dynamic range (SDR) content into HDR in real-time.

Vastly Improved Visuals

With the RTX HDR filter enabled, gamers can experience more vibrant colors, brighter highlights, and darker shadows in non-HDR titles. The filter analyzes each frame and employs a predictive model to enhance contrast and expand the color gamut. The end result is a picture with greater depth, detail, and a wider range of luminance levels that more closely matches what the human eye can perceive.

Seamless Experience

Since the RTX HDR filter works at the driver level, gamers don't have to wait for developers to patch in HDR support or download mods to enable the feature. The filter can instantly transform a game's visuals with a single click.

Gamers can also customize the filter's intensity to their liking using a simple slider in the Nvidia Control Panel. For the optimal experience, Nvidia recommends playing with HDR enabled on an HDR-capable gaming monitor.

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How Nvidia's AI-Powered HDR Works to Enhance Games

Leveraging Deep Learning

Nvidia’s RTX filter utilizes deep learning, a type of machine learning that uses neural networks, to analyze thousands of HDR images. The AI studies the relationship between HDR and SDR images to learn how to intelligently enhance SDR games.

Transforming SDR into HDR

With this knowledge, the filter is able to take standard dynamic range (SDR) content and transform it into high dynamic range (HDR) in real-time.

Customized for Each Game

The filter is customized using a neural network trained specifically on that game's art style. This allows it to optimize the HDR effect for the desired look and feel of the game. The level of HDR enhancement can also be adjusted to the user's preference for more subtle or more dramatic results.

Improving Over Time

As more users enable the RTX HDR filter, the AI models will continue to improve from exposure to additional examples. Nvidia can also further refine the neural networks over time through a process called transfer learning.

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Which GPUs Support the RTX HDR Filter and How to Enable It

Nvidia’s RTX HDR filter will be supported on Nvidia’s RTX 20-series and RTX 30-series GPUs, specifically the RTX 2060 and higher as well as the RTX 3060 and higher. To enable the filter, you will need to download the latest Game Ready driver through GeForce Experience once it is available.

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