Nintendo Switch Update Addresses Network Problems

nintendo switch

As a Nintendo Switch owner, you know how frustrating connection issues can be when trying to play online or download new games. Nintendo Switch Update 18.0.1 Addresses Network Problems some users have experienced. Nintendo recommends all Switch owners install the update, which improves overall system stability. If you’ve had trouble connecting to networks, temporarily switching…

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Nintendo Switch Lite: Nintendo’s Popular Console Gets Discount!

As a gamer and Nintendo fan, you know that Nintendo’s popular Switch Lite console bundles don’t go on sale often. This rare opportunity not only allows you to save but also ensures you’re getting a great price on the coveted Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing Limited-Edition Console Bundle. This adorable light teal and white console…

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Legend Of Zelda Figures Back in Stock

the-legend-of-zelda character

The Legend of Zelda Amiibo Craze Highly anticipated figures The Legend of Zelda franchise has produced some of the most sought-after Amiibo figures. Specifically, the Princess Zelda and Ganondorf figures were in extremely high demand when first released, often selling out within minutes and appearing on secondary markets at inflated prices. The good news is…

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Celebrate 30 Years of Hellboy With Stylish New Controllers!

hellboy switch controller

Hellboy Turns 30 – A Look Back at the Iconic Character The Origin Story Thirty years ago, Hellboy first appeared in a comic published by Dark Horse Comics, conceived by the brilliant mind of Mike Mignola. Mignola wanted to create a character that was a twist on the typical superhero – a demon summoned from…

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Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller Now Reduced


 Adorable Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller on Sale Excellent Quality at an Affordable Price For a limited time, you can purchase the officially licensed Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller for only £33.99 ($42), marked down from the original retail price of £47.99 ($60). This high-quality controller offers the same functionality and compatibility as the standard Switch Pro…

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Nintendo Switch Pro: Connecting the Controller to Your PC

3 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller pink and yellow

Why Use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC? Using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on your PC provides several benefits. We have listed a few positive & surprising reasons below. Superior Comfort and Ergonomics The Pro Controller is designed specifically for extended gameplay, with grips and contours that fit comfortably in your hands. Its…

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Princess Peach Takes the Stage – Grab Showtime Now!

Princess-Peach and 2 mushrooms

Princess Peach: Showtime Just Launched on March 22 It’s finally here, Nintendo fans – Princess Peach Takes the Stage is now available on Nintendo Switch! Mario’s darling Princess Peach stars in her very own platformer adventure. You can now grab the digital version on the Nintendo eShop for £49.99. Peach Power! Take control of Princess…

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Pokemon GO Event Debuts New Pokemon

pokemon characters celebrating

Details on the Upcoming Pokemon GO Event Arrival of New Shiny Pokemon Trainers will have the opportunity to encounter three new Shiny Pokemon – Wimpod, Kartana, and Celesteela. Shiny Pokemon are rare, alternate-colored versions of regular Pokemon. Encountering a Shiny Pokemon is a thrilling experience for any trainer. These three new Shiny Pokemon will likely…

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Mario Kart Developer Layoffs

mario in his kart

Layoffs Announced at Nintendo’s Mario Kart Developer Restructuring at Nintendo EAD Nintendo announced layoffs this week at their Entertainment Analysis & Development (EAD) studio, the primary developer behind the Mario Kart franchise. The company issued a statement that they will be reorganizing several teams and reallocating resources to focus on new projects. Impact on Current…

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