Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller Now Reduced

HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Compact (Pikachu & Mimikyu)  Adorable Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller on Sale

Excellent Quality at an Affordable Price

For a limited time, you can purchase the officially licensed Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller for only £33.99 ($42), marked down from the original retail price of £47.99 ($60). This high-quality controller offers the same functionality and compatibility as the standard Switch Pro Controller. The Pikachu design featuring the popular Pokémon mascot provides an adorable aesthetic appeal for fans of the franchise.

Long Battery Life and Motion Controls

The Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller provides up to 40 hours of gameplay on a single charge, allowing for marathon gaming sessions without interruption. It also includes motion controls, HD rumble, and built-in amiibo functionality. The ergonomic design offers comfortable handgrips and button layout optimized for the Switch.

Great Gift for Pokémon Fans

This controller makes an excellent gift for Pokémon fans and Switch owners. The significant discount from the original price makes this a particularly appealing time to purchase the Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller as a gift. Pokémon and Switch enthusiasts alike will appreciate the high quality, affordability, and adorable Pikachu motif of this officially licensed product.

Don't Miss This Limited-Time Offer

With demand for the popular Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller likely to remain strong, this sale price may not last long. Pokémon and Nintendo fans should take advantage of this opportunity to purchase the controller at a steep discount from the standard retail price. At £33.99, the Pikachu Nintendo Switch Controller offers an adorable design and premium functionality at an affordable price point.

Hori Split Pad Compact (Pikachu & Mimikyu) Drops to Lowest Price Yet at Just £33.99

Ergonomic Design

The Hori Split Pad Pro Controller is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic. It features full-size analog sticks and large shoulder buttons, as well as programmable back paddles. The split d-pad also provides more precision in fighting games and platformers. For handheld mode, the Hori Split Pad Pro offers a sturdy, ergonomic grip that reduces hand strain over long play sessions.

Customizable Controls

You can customize the controls on the Hori Split Pad Pro to your preferences using the HORIPAD Software for Mac and PC. Remap or deactivate buttons, adjust stick sensitivity, vibration intensity and trigger sensitivity. Save up to three custom profiles to the controller for different games.

Officially Licensed

The Pikachu and Mimikyu editions of the Hori Split Pad Pro Controller are officially licensed by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. They feature colorful graphics of the popular Pokémon characters. The designs give the controller a fun, stylish look while maintaining the same great features as the standard black model.

For Switch owners looking for an affordable, ergonomic controller option, the Hori Split Pad Pro is hard to beat, especially at this low price. The special Pikachu and Mimikyu editions are perfect for Pokémon fans and collectors. At under £40, this is a great time to grab one.

HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Compact (Pikachu & Mimikyu)

High Quality at A Lower Price

While the controller features the same high quality construction as the standard Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, its Pikachu design and lower price point make it an appealing choice for casual and dedicated gamers alike. The controller offers motion controls, HD rumble, and amiibo compatibility in addition to a traditional button layout.

Officially Licensed

As with all first-party Nintendo Switch accessories, the Pikachu controller is officially licensed by Nintendo. This ensures compatibility with all Switch games that support the Pro Controller. The controller will function the same as the standard Pro Controller, with the added benefit of its unique Pikachu design.

While the original £47.99 price represented good value, the current £33.99 sale price makes the Pikachu controller an absolute steal. For Switch owners seeking an extra controller with personality, there has never been a better time to add this to your collection. Act now before the sale ends!

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