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Titans Rising: What We Know About Respawn's New Titanfall Game

Respawn Entertainment has finally confirmed they’re working on a new game set in the Titanfall universe. About time, right? The studio has been tight-lipped, but a few juicy details have slipped out.

Apparently, the new title will be a “brand new Titanfall experience” — so not Titanfall 3, but something else. A prequel, maybe? A spin-off following a plucky young pilot and their trusty Titan sidekick? The mind reels at the possibilities.

Whatever shape this “new experience” takes, one thing’s for sure: there will be Titans. Lots of them. According to Respawn CEO Vince Zampella, the studio is “continuing to develop the Titanfall franchise.” And what is Titanfall without its towering robot companions?

Details are still scarce, but Zampella promises the new game will have “giant mechs and parkour and a lush new world.” A new planet to wall-run and grapple-hook our way across? An unexplored Titan chassis or two to pilot? Color us intrigued.

Respawn’s last foray into the Titanfall universe was the battle royale spin-off Apex Legends, which has been a massive success. Here’s hoping this mysterious new project recaptures the frenetic multiplayer energy and mech-based mayhem that made the original Titanfall games such a blast. Titans, prepare for drop! The fight is just beginning.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Recapping the Titanfall Series

The Original Titanfall

Remember when Titanfall first dropped in 2014 and blew our minds? Piloting 20-foot mechs and wall-running at breakneck speeds felt like the future of first-person shooters. The multiplayer was fast, frenetic, and rewarded skill and quick-thinking. Sure, the campaign was paper-thin, but the gameplay was so addictive we didn't even care. Titanfall revived the mech combat genre and reminded us that Respawn knows how to craft an incredibly fun shooter.

Titanfall 2: Bigger, Better, Still Underappreciated

Titanfall 2 built on everything that made the first game great while actually including a compelling single-player campaign. The time-traveling Effect and Cause mission is still considered an all-time great. Multiplayer got more maps, modes, and a horde mode that let you team up with friends against waves of enemies. Despite rave reviews, poor timing led to lackluster sales. A shame, since Titanfall 2 is arguably Respawn's magnum opus and one of the best shooters of its generation.

Apex Legends: A Surprise Spin-Off Success

Just when we thought Titanfall was dead and gone, Respawn dropped Apex Legends out of the blue. Set in the Titanfall universe but ditching the mechs, Apex Legends brought battle royale to the Frontier. Its character-based gameplay, verticality, and Respawn's signature gunplay resulted in a fresh take on the genre that amassed tens of millions of players and revived interest in the franchise. Apex Legends demonstrated that Titanfall's fast, futuristic action could work without titans.

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Pilots Wanted: Our Hopes for the Next Titanfall Game

Give Us More Titans

C’mon, Respawn, don’t hold out on us. Unleash a whole new batch of hulking metal beasts for us to drool over. We’re talking new chassis, weapons, and customization options out the wazoo. The next Titanfall without a lineup of brand new Titans would be like ordering a burger with no patty. You’ve got to give the people what they want!

A Killer Campaign

Titanfall 2’s campaign mode was a revelation, with mind-bending time travel levels and the bromance of the century between Cooper and BT. Respawn, you’ve proven you know how to craft an innovative single player experience. Give us another killer campaign with the twists, turns and touching moments we’ve come to expect. We’ll happily hand over our hard-earned cash for a full-price ticket to that show.

Make Multiplayer Mayhem

The fast-paced, over-the-top multiplayer combat of Titanfall 2 was a shot of pure adrenaline. Keep that same energy but turn the dial to 11 for the next game. More maps, modes, and frenetic action. Give us a battle royale mode that uses the mobility and verticality of Titanfall. Add environmental hazards that can sweep players away or drop Titans out of the sky. The more mayhem the better. We want multiplayer so crazy it leaves us breathless!

Just like a perfect burger, the ingredients are simple but the execution is everything. Respawn, you know what goes into crafting a Titanfall experience as memorable as the first bite into a juicy burger. Bring on the Titans, the single player surprises, and the multiplayer mayhem. The pilots are ready for duty! Now, where’s our Titan...

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