Respawn Impacted By Layoffs

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Respawn Entertainment Faces Layoffs Amid EA Restructuring

Restructuring Impacts Multiple Studios

EA's ongoing restructuring and cost-cutting initiatives have now impacted Respawn Entertainment. The studio behind Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order laid off 23 employees this week. According to sources, the cuts were widespread and hit multiple departments.

Apex Legends' Success Could Not Prevent Cuts

Even the massive success of Apex Legends, which earned over $500 million in its first year, could not protect Respawn from layoffs. The battle royale game has proved a much-needed hit for EA, but CEO Andrew Wilson said the company still needs to make "difficult choices" to address economic pressures. The layoffs at Respawn are part of a wider restructuring at EA that has already led to job losses at Ghost Games and Visceral Games.

Developers Express Disappointment

Developers expressed disappointment at the news. Respawn is known for cultivating a collaborative, creative environment and for avoiding excessive crunch. However, economic realities appear to have caught up to even one of EA's most successful studios. There is concern more cuts could follow if Apex Legends begins to decline or if future releases underperform. For now, Respawn will have to regroup with a leaner workforce, hoping this round of layoffs does not disrupt ongoing projects or negatively impact studio culture. The situation serves as a sobering reminder of the volatility of the video game industry, even for studios operating at the top of their game.

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How the Layoffs Impact Apex Legends and Other Respawn Games

The layoffs at Respawn will likely slow the rate of new content and updates for Apex Legends, as 23 positions spanning various departments were cut.

With a reduced workforce, the developers will have fewer resources to dedicate to creating new legends, weapons, maps, and events at the pace players have come to expect. However, Respawn stated that the layoffs will not impact any currently planned content or the development of new projects.


Seasonal events and battle passes may also see changes. With a smaller staff, Respawn may need to scale back the scope and frequency of events to avoid overworking employees. The battle passes could potentially offer less premium content or take longer to complete without as many challenges and rewards.

The Future

Respawn’s other live service game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, may receive content updates less often. Any future Star Wars games from Respawn could also be delayed or scaled back due to the staff reductions. Ongoing support for titles still in development, like the VR Medal of Honor game, may be impacted as resources are reallocated to maintain live games.

While unfortunate, the layoffs appear targeted at positions not essential to immediate development needs. Respawn and EA will likely hire new staff once finances have stabilized to restore full capacity. With a talented team behind popular franchises, Respawn remains in a strong position despite the setback. By streamlining and refocusing on core projects, the studio can continue crafting high-quality experiences for players.

Respawn Impacted By Layoffs image 3What This Means for the Future of Respawn Entertainment

The layoffs at Respawn Entertainment indicate the studio is facing financial difficulties, despite the success of Apex Legends. With 23 employees cut from various departments, Respawn’s resources and bandwidth will be strained, potentially impacting current projects.

Slowed Development

With a reduced workforce, Respawn may need to slow the pace of development on upcoming titles like the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel. Meeting ambitious deadlines and milestones will be challenging with fewer staff. This could delay the release of future games as remaining employees take on extra work to compensate for the layoffs.

Shift in Company Culture

Major staff cuts often damage company morale and culture. Remaining team members may feel overworked, undervalued, and uncertain about job security. This can increase tension and reduce creativity, harming the collaborative environment Respawn is known for. Rebuilding culture and trust will require effort and time.

Reliance on Apex Legends

Despite the layoffs, Apex Legends remains highly profitable and will be crucial for Respawn’s financial stability moving forward. However, over-reliance on a single title is risky if player interest declines or a competitor is released. Respawn must find ways to diversify revenue, through in-app purchases, esports, or by developing new IP.

With a smaller, potentially demoralized team and fewer resources, Respawn faces significant challenges. Meeting the high standards of quality and innovation the studio is known for will require strong leadership, efficient processes, and alternative revenue streams beyond Apex Legends. By overcoming these obstacles, Respawn can continue creating exceptional games, but the road ahead will not be easy.

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