Outlaws Brings More Aliens Into Star Wars Than Ever Before

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Star Wars Outlaws Brings a Diverse Cast of Aliens

This August, get ready to meet more aliens than you can shake a lightsaber at!

A Whole Galaxy of Species

Star Wars Outlaws features over 50 alien species, many appearing in a Star Wars game for the first time. You'll encounter friendly faces as well as dangerous foes such as the reptilian Trandoshans. The diverse cast provides a ton of opportunities for unique character designs and backstories.

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Plenty of Nods to the Movies

Of course, no Star Wars game would be complete without appearances from classic species like the furry Ewoks, Jabba the Hutt, and fish-like Mon Calamari. You'll also spot familiar droids such as astromech units R2 and R5. Outlaws pays homage to the films in so many ways, giving fans an authentic Star Wars experience.

From the bizarre to the familiar, the diverse aliens and characters in Star Wars Outlaws create an immersive world that captures the spirit of the movies. This August, get ready to make some unusual new friends - and enemies! The galaxy awaits.

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The Many Unique and Exotic Alien Species in Outlaws

Weird and Wonderful NPCs

Every location you visit, from seedy spaceports to lush jungle planets, has its own vibrant population of exotic aliens milling about. Exploring each new area just to see what kind of crazy creatures you’ll encounter next is half the fun & they are all wrapped up in stunning DLSS3 & Ray Tracing making each one of those encounters visually pleasing.

Dangerous New Wildlife

It wouldn’t be Star Wars without strange alien beasts, and Outlaws has them in spades. Whether they’re hostile predators or docile grazers, the alien wildlife in this game never fails to delight and surprise.

From interactive NPCs to ambient creatures in the environment, Outlaws is a Star Wars fan’s dream come true. With all these exotic species to discover, this action-packed game is sure to spark your sense of wonder and keep you entertained for hours.

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Will Outlaws Have the Most Aliens of Any Star Wars Game?

You better believe it! Outlaws is set to feature over 200 unique alien species, making it the most diverse menagerie of creatures in any Star Wars game.

A Galaxy Full of Colorful Characters

Outlaws will let you interact with members of over 200 different species, each with their own distinct looks, cultures, and backgrounds. You might find yourself in a high-stakes game of sabacc against a cunning Devaronian or sharing a drink with a jolly Ithorian. The sheer diversity of alien encounters promises to make Outlaws the most wonderfully weird and wacky Star Wars experience yet.

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