Myth Of Empires Official Server Host Revealed as Nitrado

Myth Of Empires Official Server Host Revealed as Nitrado image 1

We have the latest news surrounding the Ark lawsuit and Myth Of Empires Official Server Host Revealed as Nitrado.

Background on the Myth of Empires and Ark Lawsuit

The Rise of Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires, an open-world survival MMO, launched in 2021 and quickly gained popularity. Players were drawn to the massive maps, base building, and PvP warfare. As the player base grew, the developers started looking for official server hosting partners.

Legal Troubles with Ark: Survival Evolved

However, Ark: Survival Evolved, a very similar open-world survival game, claimed Myth of Empires had stolen assets and code from their game. Ark filed a lawsuit, and Myth of Empires’ launch was put on hold as the legal battle began.

Court Rules in Favor of Myth of Empires

After months of legal proceedings, the court ruled that Myth of Empires did not infringe on Ark’s copyrights or steal any assets. Myth of Empires was found to be an original work, and the temporary restrictions on their launch were lifted. The ruling was a huge victory for the Myth of Empires team and community.

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Nitrado Selected as Official Host

With the lawsuit resolved, Myth Of Empires Official Server Host revealed as Nitrado, a leading game server hosting company. Nitrado’s powerful, customizable servers were ideal for Myth of Empires’ massive open world. The partnership allowed Myth of Empires to finally launch their game and provide players with a premium hosting experience.

After a rocky start, Myth of Empires overcame legal challenges and found a reliable hosting partner in Nitrado. With the game now live, Myth of Empires’ community can enjoy exploring the sprawling world and engaging in epic clan warfare. The future looks bright for this up and coming open-world MMO.

What This Means for Players

With the lawsuit dismissed, Myth of Empires is free to continue improving and updating the game. As an added bonus, Nitrado, one of the leading server hosting providers, has been named the official server host. This means better performance, reliability, and customer support for your gameplay experience.

Overall, the court ruling secures the future of Myth of Empires and ensures many adventures await you in its prehistoric paradise. The legal battle may have been a close call, but now the only struggle for survival will happen within the game itself!

A Long-Awaited Partnership

Nitrado actually provided servers for Myth of Empires players even during the lawsuit, though not in an official capacity. Now that the dispute has been settled, Nitrado and Myth of Empires have formed an official partnership. Nitrado’s powerful, customizable servers give Myth of Empires players the ability to rent servers with their desired settings and features.

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Benefits for Players

For you, this means greater flexibility and control over your gameplay experience. Rent a server to play with just your friends or make it public so others can join. Configure the settings to your liking, from game modes to difficulty levels to loot drops. Nitrado’s expert support team is also on hand to help you optimize and troubleshoot your server.

While the outcome of the lawsuit was a relief, this new partnership is the cherry on top. No more uncertainty means you can now fully immerse yourself in the world of Myth of Empires, exploring, building, and battling to your heart’s content. And with Nitrado powering the servers, you know you’ll have a stable environment and premium features to enhance your gameplay. The future looks bright for this up and coming survival MMO!

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