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After years of anticipation, Studio CEO John Smith confirms Ark 2 remains on schedule for 2024 Launch, the highly-anticipated sequel to the record-breaking Ark: Survival Evolved. “Development is progressing steadily and we couldn’t be more excited to share this game with our fans,” Smith said in an upbeat statement.

Plenty of new features to explore

According to Smith, Ark 2 is packed with new features that will delight both new players and veterans of the original game. He promised new biomes to explore, mysterious ruins holding clues to the game’s lore, and exotic prehistoric creatures waiting to be tamed. “We’re creating a vibrant world teeming with life at every turn,” Smith teased.

Built from the ground up for next-gen

Ark 2 is being developed exclusively for next-generation platforms, allowing the team at Studio to fully realize their creative vision. “We’re tapping into the power of new hardware to craft living, breathing environments, photorealistic graphics, and an unparalleled level of immersion,” said Smith. Ark 2 will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC, bringing the prehistoric survival experience into a new era.

The future looks bright!

With Ark 2 set to launch at the end of 2024 and post-launch support planned for years to come, the future of the franchise has never looked brighter. Smith promised “expansive post-launch content to keep players engaged for the long haul.” After a long wait, it seems Ark fans have plenty of adventures in the prehistoric past yet to come!

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What We Know So Far About Ark 2

We have so much to look forward to with Studio's upcoming Ark 2 launch! Scheduled for late 2024, Ark 2 is set to be an even more ambitious interstellar mission than the first Ark.

More Advanced Spacecraft

CEO Ava Armstrong confirmed the new spacecraft will have upgraded engines providing faster travel and allowing it to venture even deeper into uncharted space. Imagine the wonders waiting to be discovered!

Larger Crew

Not only will Ark 2 travel farther and faster, but it will also have room for a bigger crew. Armstrong announced space for up to 6 astronauts, allowing for valuable collaboration and teamwork as the mission pushes into new frontiers.

Longer Mission Length

Best of all, Armstrong shared plans for Ark 2 to potentially double the length of the first Ark mission. This gives the crew ample time to thoroughly explore new star systems and make groundbreaking discoveries.

With a faster ship, larger crew, and longer mission, Ark 2 is poised to be an incredibly exciting new chapter in space exploration. The future is bright, and Studio continues leading the charge into the great unknown. What an inspiration! We'll be counting down the days until 2024 and waiting eagerly to see what wonders Ark 2 uncovers. The possibilities seem truly endless.

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What Fans Can Expect From Ark 2

An Even More Massive Open World

Fans of the original Ark: Survival Evolved are in for a treat with Ark 2. Studio Wildcard has confirmed the highly anticipated sequel will feature an open world that’s over twice the size of the first game. There will be new biomes to explore, from dense jungles to snowy mountains to scorching deserts. With so much more terrain to cover, you’ll want to tame some fast dinosaurs to help you get around this huge prehistoric paradise.

Improved Graphics and Realism

Ark 2 is being built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5, a major upgrade that will make the world feel more realistic than ever before. The studio has said environments will be ultra-detailed, with advanced lighting, shadows, and textures that make you feel fully immersed in the prehistoric setting. Dinosaurs and other creatures will move and behave more naturally, and you’ll notice small details like feathers, scales, and skin that look incredibly lifelike.

Base Building 2.0

Fans of building elaborate bases will have a blast with Ark 2’s revamped building system. Studio Wildcard has promised more structure types, building pieces, and decorations so you can create the prehistoric home of your dreams. Bases will be highly customizable, allowing you to place walls, floors, and objects freely. You’ll also be able to rotate, snap, and clip pieces together for more creative designs. Whether you want a cozy treehouse or an intricate fortress, Ark 2 will give you all the tools to build whatever your heart desires.

Ark 2 is shaping up to be an incredible sequel that builds upon everything fans loved about the first game. While the wait until late 2024 may feel like an eternity, Studio Wildcard’s ambitious vision for the next chapter of Ark: Survival Evolved is sure to be well worth it. The massive open world, cutting-edge graphics, and enhanced base building are just a few of the exciting features that will make Ark 2 the ultimate prehistoric survival experience. The future is looking very bright for this franchise and its dedicated fans.

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