Is Kingmakers on PS5?

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Kingmakers is rightly grabbing a lot of people’s attention due to its outlandish nature, and players are already desperate for it to release on PS5. They say never bring a knife to a gunfight; what they actually meant was never bring a horse and lance to a car fight. This is a genuine dilemma in Kingmakers as you wage war with knights and horseback soldiers using guns and modern-day weaponry.

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Kingmakers and the PlayStation 5

The Appeal of PS5

The PlayStation 5 carries on where the PS4 left off and is considered the main console of choice for gamers, thanks to its first and third-party software. So it’s no surprise PlayStation owners want to experience the unbelievably zany nature of Kingmakers.

Current Status of Kingmakers on PS5

Is Kingmakers on PS5? It doesn’t seem like Kingmakers is coming to PS5 anytime soon. The developer is focusing on its PC release before considering further platforms. Even though Kingmakers has been heavily wishlisted on Steam and the sandbox title has garnered a ton of interest, a Windows release is the safe and sensible option to provide seamless updates and easy, cheaper access for potential consumers.

Future Possibilities

Of course, it doesn’t mean we won’t ever see Kingmakers on the PlayStation 5. and we’ve seen other indie titles in the past get off to a flyer, become popular, sell millions of copies, and get a console port—hello Among Us. The success of the PC version could pave the way for a future PS5 release.

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Keeping an Eye Out

We’ll keep you afloat of any announcements surrounding a PS5 port for Kingmakers so you can ride full steam into a battle with your machine gun. For now, keep an eye on the game’s progress on PC, and who knows? Kingmakers might make its way to the PS5 sooner than expected.


Is Kingmakers on PS5? Not yet, but there's always hope for the future. With its unique gameplay and growing popularity, Kingmakers could eventually find its way to PlayStation 5. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to dive into this chaotic and exciting game.

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