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What We Know So Far About Kingmakers

An Epic Strategy Game

The new Kingmakers video game is shaping up to become an epic turn-based strategy and empire building title! As the leader of a noble house in a fantasy world, you'll explore the land, gather resources, recruit armies and forge alliances to spread your dominion. With procedurally generated maps and events, no two playthroughs will be the same. This ambitious indie title from Redemption Road Games aims to combine the best elements of games like Civilization, Crusader Kings and the Final Fantasy series.

Massive Replayability

According to the developers, Kingmakers will feature near endless replayability thanks to its procedural generation systems. The maps, resources, events, and quests you encounter will be different every time you start a new game. You'll have to adapt your strategies and forge new alliances as you're presented with unique challenges, twists and turns in each playthrough. This should keep the game feeling fresh even after dozens of hours of playtime.

Coming to PC and Consoles

The good news is, the new Kingmakers video game is planned to launch on both PC and consoles, so no matter your platform of choice, you'll be able to get in on the action. The developers have stated their goal is to create a premium gaming experience without aggressive monetization. So you can expect a fully featured game with post-launch support and new content, not a microtransaction-riddled mess.

With its blend of strategic conquest and political intrigue set in a vibrant fantasy world, Kingmakers is shaping up to be a game that should satisfy strategy fans and RPG lovers alike. Keep your eye on Redemption Road Games and their hotly anticipated indie epic!

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Key Features of Kingmakers Based on Early Information

Vast Fantasy World

The world of Kingmakers spans over 64,000 miles, from scorching deserts to frozen tundras. You'll explore mysterious forests, treacherous mountains and rolling green hills as you discover resources to build your kingdom. With different biomes come different resources, so choose your territory wisely!

RTS-Style Combat

When diplomacy fails, defend your lands through real-time strategy combat. Recruit units like archers, infantry and cavalry to fend off enemies trying to invade your territory. Use tactical maneuvers, terrain advantages and the right combination of units to outwit your opponents on the battlefield.

Dynasty Building

In Kingmakers, you can found a dynasty that lasts for generations. Have children, arrange political marriages, and pass your throne down to your heirs. But be careful - if you don't keep your vassals and family members happy, civil wars and crises could threaten your dynasty.

Kingmakers sounds like it will have everything a strategy fan could want. Conquer new lands, build thriving cities, wage epic wars and guide your dynasty to glory. Keep an eye out for more details on this incredibly promising game!

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Now for the Twist

I wont spoil it with writing, seeing is believing, so sit back & enjoy the video.


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