How to Get More Villagers In Animal Crossing

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Expanding your village in Animal Crossing is an exciting part of the game. Here’s a guide on How to Get More Villagers In Animal Crossing.

Initial Villagers

Building Homes

As you progress, Tom Nook will guide you to build and furnish three houses for new villagers.

  1. Build and Furnish: Complete the construction and furnishing of the houses.
  2. Check with Tom Nook: A “sold” sign will appear, indicating an incoming villager.

Reserving Spots

To have a specific villager move in, use Nook Miles Tickets to visit Mystery Islands.

  1. Mystery Island Tours: If you find a villager you like, invite them to your island.
  2. Future Homes: They may occupy one of the furnished houses.

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Advanced Villagers

Upgrading Resident Services

After upgrading Resident Services to a building, talk to Tom Nook about further development.

  1. Crafting a Campground: This will attract random visitors.
  2. First Visitor: The first villager to visit the campground will automatically join your town.

Using Amiibo

  1. Amiibo Functionality: Tom Nook and Isabelle will unlock amiibo functionality on the resident services terminal.
  2. Summon Villagers: Use amiibo cards to invite specific villagers to your campground.
  3. Convince to Stay: Talk to them and build DIY souvenirs over three days to convince them to move in.

Reserving Lots

  1. Talking to Tom Nook: Discuss island infrastructure to reserve a plot of land for 10,000 bells.
  2. Random or Specific Villagers: These plots can attract random villagers or be reserved for those invited via amiibo.

Tips for Success

  1. Decorate Your Island: A well-decorated island attracts more villagers.
  2. Manage Your Plots: Don’t build plots unless you’re ready for new villagers to move in.

By following these steps, you’ll master How to Get More Villagers In Animal Crossing and create a bustling, vibrant village.

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