How to Get Dog Coins in Palworld

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Dog Coins are a new item added in Palworld's Sakurajima update. They unlock rare and exciting items. How to get Dog Coins in Palworld can be confusing, so let's explore the process step-by-step.

How to Get Dog Coins in Palworld: Finding Mimog

To get Dog Coins, it all starts with locating and defeating Mimog. Mimog are chest-like creatures hidden across the map. There is no guaranteed spawn location, so you must explore thoroughly.

Defeating Mimog

When you find a Mimog, you must kill, not catch, it to obtain Dog Coins. Be prepared to hunt for a while, as their spawn locations are random.

Dog Coin Drop Rate

Each Mimog can drop any number of Dog Coins, so you might need to defeat several before collecting the desired amount. Keep hunting until you gather enough Dog Coins.

Using Dog Coins in Palworld

Finding the Medal Merchant

To use Dog Coins, locate the Medal Merchant. This new character appears in derelict churches scattered across Palworld. The Medal Merchant's presence is not guaranteed, so you might need to search multiple locations.

Identifying the Medal Merchant

The Medal Merchant is quite large and wears a yellow cloak. He offers unique items like accessory slot upgrades, weird hats, and other exclusive items.

Catching the Medal Merchant

If you find the Medal Merchant and have a strong Pal Sphere, consider illegally catching him. This ensures you won't need to search for him again.


In summary, getting Dog Coins in Palworld involves finding and defeating Mimog, and then locating the Medal Merchant to use your coins. Keep exploring, be persistent, and soon you'll unlock rare items in Palworld.

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