How to Change Servers in Once Human

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Changing servers in Once Human can be crucial for a better gaming experience, especially when playing with friends. This guide will walk you through how to change servers in Once Human effectively.

Picking the Correct Server

When you start playing Once Human, you have multiple servers to choose from. Selecting the right server is essential for a smooth experience. You may need to switch servers to join friends or find a better connection.

Once Human Server Change Guide

How to change servers in Once Human is a bit tricky. Unlike some games, Once Human does not allow you to transfer existing characters between servers. If you want to switch servers, you will need to delete your current character and create a new one on the desired server.

Steps to Change Servers

  1. Delete Existing Character: You must delete the character associated with your current server.
  2. Choose a New Server: Select the server where you want to create a new character.
  3. Create New Character: Start a new character on the selected server.

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Waiting for Multiple Character Slots

The development team behind Once Human is aware of the limitations and is working on a solution. More character slots will be available by August 2024, allowing you to create characters on different servers without deleting them.

Creating Characters on Different Servers

Once the new character slots are available, you can create characters on multiple servers. This will help you avoid replaying content and allow you to join friends on different servers more easily.

Pros and Cons of Server Switching in Once Human

While the ability to change servers exists, the need to start from scratch can be a disadvantage. However, playing with friends on a new server can make the experience more enjoyable.

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Adjust Server in Once Human

For now, if you want to change servers in Once Human, you must delete your current character and start fresh on a new server. The upcoming multiple character slots will make this process easier. Keep an eye out for updates from the development team for more details.

Move to a Different Server in Once Human

Choosing the right server initially can save you time, but if you need to switch, follow this Once Human server transfer guide. Remember, adjusting server settings and selecting the best option can significantly improve your gameplay experience.

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