How to Beat Stunning Beauty in The First Descendant

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Void Intercept Battles are a core part of The First Descendant. Each boss requires a tailored strategy. Stunning Beauty is one of the earlier bosses you have to fight in The First Descendant. Here’s everything you need to know on how to beat Stunning Beauty.

Understanding Stunning Beauty

Stunning Beauty is a level 22 Void Intercept Battle boss. It is the first boss that might challenge you in The First Descendant. This guide will help you understand its mechanics and weaknesses.

Boss Weak Points

To beat Stunning Beauty, focus on damaging its weak points. These weak points are located on the following body parts:

  • Shoulders
  • Core
  • Sides of the head
  • Ankles

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Attacks and Evasion

The boss has a variety of attacks that aren’t too hard to dodge. Around halfway through the battle, Stunning Beauty becomes immune and pulls out its eye. The eye marks anyone in its field of view and deals damage. Take cover behind structures and shoot it until this state is over.

Recommended Gear and Strategy

Stunning Beauty is a low-level boss, so you don’t need much to defeat it. Ensure you bring the highest DPS weapons and that both weapons and the Descendant have as many Modules as possible. Increase the Module capacity if you have a Mastery rank-up available.

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Attribute and Resistance Tips

The Stunning Beauty has weak resistance to the Toxic attribute. Freyna could do better than other Descendants in this fight. If you notice you’re taking a lot of damage, put on Modules that provide Electric resistance.

Rewards and Materials

Much like other Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant, Stunning Beauty is a source of multiple research materials and blueprints for you to hunt down. Here are the Amorphous Materials linked to the Stunning Beauty:

  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 009
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 010
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 011
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 012

Key Items

There are several key items you can get from these materials. The main ones you might be aiming for to unlock new Descendants are:

  • Valby Spiral Catalyst
  • Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells
  • Lepic Spiral Catalyst
  • Exnso Spiral Catalyst
  • Lepic Enhanced Cells
  • Gley Enhanced Cells


Knowing how to beat Stunning Beauty in The First Descendant involves understanding its weak points and attack patterns. Equip your Descendant with the highest DPS weapons and appropriate Modules. Utilize cover during the eye phase and focus on its weak points. Following these strategies will ensure a swift victory.

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