Helldivers Patch 1.000.13

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Helldivers Patch 1.000.13 Fixes Game-Breaking Bugs

Restores Super Credits and Stratagems

The latest patch for Helldivers resolves an exploit allowing unlimited uses of super credits and stratagems. Players can no longer access a workaround to gain unlimited resources, ensuring balanced gameplay.Elsewhere, the patch fixes the unlimited stratagem use glitch that occurred after an AFK kick. This was something iGame reported on as part of shining a spotlight on the growing problem of cheating in Helldivers 2. On that, there’s no note about anti-cheat in this latest patch.

Prevents Loss of Experience and Rank

Helldivers patch 1.000.13 prevents loss of experience and rank when playing multiplayer. Co-op missions will now properly award experience, credits, and samples upon mission completion. Your rank, experience, and other progress will save correctly after playing with friends.

Improves Game Stability

The patch also improves stability and performance in Helldivers. Crashes related to player stats, the armory, and gameplay have been addressed. Frame rate drops and other performance issues reportedly affecting some players have been optimized. Overall, the game should run more smoothly after applying the latest update.

Minor Fixes and Changes

Additional fixes in patch 1.000.13 include corrected mission objectives, improved localization, and minor balance changes. Enemy spawns and difficulty scaling have been rebalanced in some areas. Language support now includes Simplified Chinese.

In summary, Helldivers patch 1.000.13 resolves exploits, prevents loss of progress, improves stability, and makes minor adjustments - all aimed at optimizing the player experience. The update is highly recommended for the best performance and most balanced gameplay.

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Unlimited Stratagem Use and Super Credits Glitches Resolved

Stratagem Exploit Fix

The recent update resolved an issue allowing players to infinitely reuse stratagems in missions. This exploit has been fixed, and stratagems will now function as intended with proper cool-down times after each use. Players should plan stratagem use carefully based on mission objectives and enemies present on the battlefield.

Super Credits Exploit Resolved

An exploit allowing players to gain unlimited super credits, Helldivers' in-game currency, has been resolved. Super credits can now only be earned by completing missions, logging in daily, and reaching level milestones as originally designed. Players should budget super credits wisely to acquire strategems, weapons, vehicles, and perks that best fit their playstyle and the needs of each mission.

Other Issues Addressed

Patch 1.000.13 also resolved additional issues including perk selection bugs, localization errors, and multiplayer connectivity problems. Perks should now properly activate upon selection, translations have been corrected, and multiplayer sessions should run more smoothly with decreased latency and disconnects.

This update helps ensure balanced and fair gameplay by eliminating exploits while resolving issues that hindered some players' experience. With the patch in place, Helldivers can get back to saving Super Earth by any means necessary.

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Other Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements in Latest Update

General Performance Improvements

Patch 1.000.13 provides overall performance enhancements and bug fixes to improve your Helldivers experience. This includes fixes for crashes related to equipping or using certain stratagems as well as stability improvements during longer play sessions.

Squashed Bugs

Several pesky bugs have been eliminated with this update, including issues involving unlimited uses of certain stratagems if the player died at a specific time. The patch also resolves an exploit allowing players to gain large amounts of resources by repeatedly joining and leaving multiplayer games.

QoL Changes

Some quality-of-life changes have been implemented, such as reducing screen shake when firing weapons in close quarters. The patch makes numerous minor tweaks to improve gameplay.

Future Updates

Arrowhead Game Studios is dedicated to continuing support for Helldivers and improving the experience. Additional updates are planned to further refine performance, address bugs, rebalance weapons and stratagems, and possibly add features based on community feedback.

Installing patch 1.000.13 is highly recommended to ensure the best, most balanced experience playing Helldivers. This update demonstrates Arrowhead's commitment to polishing and enhancing the game for all players. Overall, the patch should resolve some frustrations while paving the way for an even better experience with future updates.

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