Helldivers 2: Cheaters Never Prosper

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If you have been playing Helldivers 2 recently, chances are you’ve run into a few hackers by now. These cheaters are using illegal hacks and exploits to gain an unfair advantage, and it’s making the game unplayable for some. With all the Helldivers 2 Cheaters out there we decided to break down these current issues within the game.


Some players use hacks like wallhacking to see enemies through walls and terrain. This allows them to ambush other players and gain easy kills. Wallhacking destroys any sense of suspense or surprise in firefights, giving cheaters an unfair edge.

Aimbots and auto-aiming

Another common hack Helldivers cheaters use is the aimbot, which automatically aims and fires weapons with perfect accuracy. Aimbots allow players to rack up kills without skill or effort. Auto-aiming and triggerbots are similar hacks that automatically aim and fire for the player. These kinds of cheats ruin the gameplay experience for others by making the game feel unwinnable.

While the developers have banned thousands of hackers already, many more continue to slip through the cracks. The only real solutions seem to be improving anti-cheat systems, increasing surveillance, and handing out harsher punishments to deter hackers. Until then, the hacking controversy continues to leave some dedicated players feeling like they’ve been robbed of an enjoyable experience in Helldivers 2.

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The Rise of Helldivers 2 Cheats and Hacks

With the huge popularity of Helldivers 2, it's no surprise that cheats and hacks have emerged to give some players an unfair advantage. These unscrupulous cheaters are using aimbots to automatically target enemies, wallhacks to see through walls, and scripts that automate complex moves.

Aimbots - Auto-Targeting Cheats

Aimbots allow players to instantly lock on and eliminate opponents with perfect accuracy. For a shooter like Helldivers 2 that requires skill and practice, aimbots ruin the experience for others. These cheats detect enemy players through walls and automatically aim and shoot with pinpoint precision.

Wallhacks - Seeing Through Walls

Helldivers 2 Cheaters will also use wallhacks giving them X-ray vision to see all enemies and items through walls. By removing the fog of war, wallhacks provide an omniscient view of the map. Legitimate players don't stand a chance against someone who always knows their location and can ambush them from behind cover.

While some cheaters claim that hacks don't hurt anyone, that logic is flawed. Hacks undermine the spirit of fair play and diminish the accomplishments of legitimate players. For a game as competitive as Helldivers 2, cheats can drive players away by making the game pointless to play. Here's hoping the developers find a way to banish these hackers to the Phantom Zone - where they belong!

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Dealing With Cheaters: How the Developers Can Curb Hacking

Issue Strict Bans

The developers should ramp up their efforts to identify and permanently ban players caught cheating. Hackers who modify the game code to gain an unfair advantage ruin the experience for others. Issuing strict bans, especially for repeat offenders, sends a clear message that cheating will not be tolerated.

Patch Security Vulnerabilities

The developers also need to stay on top of patching any vulnerabilities that could be exploited. As new hacks emerge, the developers must work to quickly patch the security holes to curb their spread. Failing to patch known issues in a timely manner is inexcusable and leaves the door open for more players to start cheating.

Additional Monitoring

To catch more cheaters in the act, the developers should deploy additional monitoring and cheat-detection software. Machine learning algorithms can be trained to detect suspicious activity and stats that indicate hacking. With advanced monitoring and detection methods in place, fewer cheaters will slip through the cracks.

Incentive Reporting

Finally, the developers should give players an easy way to report suspected cheaters, and incentive players to do so. Offering small in-game rewards or perks for submitting actionable reports on cheaters could motivate players to help curb hacking. The developers can then investigate reports to verify cheating and take appropriate action against offenders.

With a combination of strict policies, security patches, enhanced monitoring, and community reporting, the developers of Helldivers 2 can get the hacking problem under control and restore fair play. Cheaters may never completely go away, but with diligent effort they can be marginalized.

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