How to Heal in Soulmask

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Surviving in Soulmask requires knowing how to heal effectively. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to heal in Soulmask. Healing Items in Soulmask There are various items to heal you in Soulmask, including: Bandages Nuts Cooked Fish Roasted Corn Early Healing Methods Finding Nuts Early in the game, Nuts are the easiest healing items to…


How to Defeat the Sabertooth in Soulmask

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Soulmask provides players with a slew of bosses to take down. One of the earliest bosses in the game is the Saber-toothed Predator, a challenging Temple Guardian. The boss might seem challenging at first glance but fret not because we have you covered in our How to Defeat the Sabertooth in Soulmask guide. Preparation for…


How to Set Up a Dedicated Server for Soulmask

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Soulmask is the latest hit in the survival game genre. To enjoy a private online server, setting up a dedicated server is essential. Follow this guide closely to learn how to set up a dedicated server for Soulmask. Download and Install SteamCMD Download SteamCMD To start, download SteamCMD. This tool allows you to input custom…


How to Get Feces in Soulmask

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Collecting every resource is crucial in Soulmask. Sometimes you need to get Feces to nourish your crops and make fertilizers. This guide will show you How to get Feces in Soulmask efficiently. Why You Need Feces Fertilizers made with feces speed up plant growth, giving you higher yields. Growing crops is vital for sustaining your…


Best Base Locations in Soulmask

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Home is where your stuff is in a survival crafting game like Soulmask. Your base is not just your haven, but also home to your tribe. Choosing the right spot is crucial for survival and efficiency. Here are the best base locations in Soulmask. Importance of a Good Base Location In Soulmask, keeping your bonfire…


How to Get Water Consumption for Cooking in Soulmask

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In Soulmask, survival means more than just finding food. Cooking proper meals is crucial for maintaining the mood of your tribe members and maximizing buffs. Understanding how to get Water Consumption for cooking in Soulmask is essential for crafting recipes that require water. This guide will walk you through the steps to ensure your tribe…


Does Soulmask Have Controller Support?

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Soulmask has not been out long, but the latest crafting survival game is already carving out its own niche and growing a player base. However, there’s a question on many players‘ minds: Does Soulmask have controller support? This feature is becoming increasingly crucial, especially with the rise of platforms like Steam Deck. Let’s dive into…


Soulmask: The Ultimate Console Command Guide

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Survival games like Soulmask can be tedious, but you can expedite progress with console commands. This Soulmask console command guide will assist you in navigating the console to enhance your gameplay experience. Using Console Commands in Soulmask Setting Up the Console To utilize console commands in Soulmask, you must be on a private dedicated server.…