Does Soulmask Have Controller Support?

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Soulmask has not been out long, but the latest crafting survival game is already carving out its own niche and growing a player base. However, there’s a question on many players' minds: Does Soulmask have controller support? This feature is becoming increasingly crucial, especially with the rise of platforms like Steam Deck. Let's dive into the details.

Controller Support in Modern Gaming

In today's gaming world, controller support is more important than ever. Games on Steam, particularly open-world crafting games like Soulmask, are expected to offer seamless controller compatibility. Players want to enjoy their gaming experience without constantly switching between input devices. So, does Soulmask measure up?

The Current State of Controller Support in Soulmask

Technically, you can use a controller while playing Soulmask. However, it’s not the ideal experience. While you can perform basic movements and combat actions, the game lacks full controller support. This means essential features are missing when using a controller.

Movement and Combat

When it comes to movement and combat, you can essentially perform any action with a controller. Here are the basic controls for Soulmask using an Xbox controller:

  • Left-stick: Move
  • Left-stick click: Crouch
  • Right-stick: Aim
  • Left bumper: Block with weapon or shield
  • Right bumper: Attack
  • Right trigger: Throw/Shoot/Special attack
  • Y button: Life Perception (scan for life nearby)
  • B button: Roll
  • A button: Jump
  • X button: Interact
  • Left and right on D-pad: Switch between 1-5 on quickbar
  • View button: Main menu

These controls cover the basics, but the problems arise when you need to access more complex menus.

Menu Navigation

The biggest drawback of using a controller in Soulmask is the inability to access any menus other than the main menu. You cannot open the mask node menu, your inventory, or your clan menu without using the keyboard. This severely

limits the utility of playing with a controller. For crafting or managing your inventory, you’re forced to switch back to a mouse and keyboard.

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Why Full Controller Support Matters

Full controller support is essential for modern games, especially for those aiming to succeed on platforms like Steam Deck. Players want a smooth, uninterrupted experience, whether they're moving, fighting, or managing their inventory. Without it, Soulmask risks alienating a segment of its potential audience.

The Future of Controller Support in Soulmask

While full controller support could come in the future, players are currently best suited using a mouse and keyboard. However, for those determined to use a controller, there are third-party programs that can help bridge the gap. These programs can provide custom mappings and extended functionalities to make the controller more viable.


So, does Soulmask have controller support? The answer is yes, but with significant limitations. You can use a controller for basic actions, but the lack of full support makes it a cumbersome experience. As the game continues to develop, we can hope for improved controller integration. Until then, players will need to rely on traditional mouse and keyboard controls for a fully immersive experience.

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