How to Defeat the Sabertooth in Soulmask

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Soulmask provides players with a slew of bosses to take down. One of the earliest bosses in the game is the Saber-toothed Predator, a challenging Temple Guardian. The boss might seem challenging at first glance but fret not because we have you covered in our How to Defeat the Sabertooth in Soulmask guide.

Preparation for the Fight

Gathering Required Items

To summon the Sabertooth, you need to reach level 20 and gather specific items:

  • Worship Container (one)
  • Beast Blood (five)
  • Beast Bones (five)
  • Premium Fresh Meat (five)

Locating the Pyramid

Head to the Pyramid in the northeastern part of the Rainforest region. Place the gathered offerings at the altar to summon the Sabertooth Predator Temple Guardian.

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The Battle Strategy

Understanding the Sabertooth's Abilities

The Sabertooth is tanky, agile, and deals high damage. It also inflicts bleed stacks, so monitor your health closely.

Defensive Preparations

Equip Beast Hide Gear for defense to minimize damage. Use Bandages to recover health and staunch bleeding.

Offensive Strategy

Equip the highest-tier bow available. Stick to ranged attacks and use dodge rolls to avoid the Sabertooth's strikes. Maintain distance and aim for headshots to maximize damage.

Execution of the Plan

Starting the Fight

The Sabertooth is aggressive and will likely land hits early on. Ensure you are prepared with the right gear and healing items.

Maintaining Distance

Keep a safe distance while using your bow. Dodge roll to evade attacks and continuously aim for headshots.

Final Push

Consistently applying damage while avoiding attacks will eventually bring down the Sabertooth. Stay focused and patient.

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Rewards and Next Steps

Defeating the Sabertooth

Defeating the Sabertooth grants you the Beast Mark, essential for upgrading your Mask.

Progressing Further

As you level up, you will encounter higher-tier versions of the Temple Guardian at level 40 and 55, which drop even more valuable rewards.

Understanding How to defeat the Sabertooth in Soulmask is crucial for progressing through the game's early stages. By following this guide and preparing adequately, you will overcome this formidable Temple Guardian and continue your journey in Soulmask.

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