Best Base Locations in Soulmask

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Home is where your stuff is in a survival crafting game like Soulmask. Your base is not just your haven, but also home to your tribe. Choosing the right spot is crucial for survival and efficiency. Here are the best base locations in Soulmask.

Importance of a Good Base Location

In Soulmask, keeping your bonfire stocked with fuel is essential to prevent your base from decaying. A base near plenty of trees is beneficial for a steady supply of fuel. However, there are other key factors to consider for an ideal base location.

Proximity to Resources

One of the best base locations in Soulmask is near the western side of the continent, close to the Western Rainforest Scout marker. This area is rich in resources like Tin and Copper. Being near these resources helps in crafting and upgrading tools and weapons.

Access to Water

Water is vital for survival in Soulmask. You need it for hydration, cooking, farming, and raising animals. Building a base near a fresh water source like a pond, lake, or river should be a top priority. These bodies of water also provide Clay, which is necessary for various crafting recipes.

If the server is crowded and all prime water locations are taken, you can build a Rainwater Collector and a Water Tank at your base using the Potting Table. These structures provide a steady water supply over time.

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Exploring the Map

Before setting up camp, spend time exploring the continent. Check out the question marks on your map. On the eastern side, you’ll mostly find ruins, while the western edge has pits with valuable ores like Tin and Copper. These locations are among the best base locations in Soulmask due to their resource richness.

Benefits of Ruins

Even the ruins on the eastern side are useful. They provide crystals for your mask and introduce you to basic combat. These areas can be good initial base locations, giving you access to essential resources and combat practice.

Future Base Expansion

As you progress in Soulmask, you can set up multiple bases and fast travel between them. This flexibility means your initial base location won't matter as much in the long run. However, for the early game, choosing the right spot can make survival easier and more efficient.

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Key Considerations for Base Location

  • Resource Availability: Ensure proximity to essential resources like Tin, Copper, and Clay.
  • Water Access: Build near fresh water sources for hydration and crafting needs.
  • Safety and Space: Choose a location that is safe from frequent threats and has ample space for expansion.

Example of a Great Base Spot

An ideal base location is just east of the Restored Reels and north of the Nitrodome. This area provides access to valuable resources and is within walking distance of water. It’s a strategic spot for both early and late-game progression.


Choosing one of the best base locations in Soulmask can significantly impact your survival and progression in the game. Prioritize resource availability, water access, and safety when selecting your base spot. Explore the map thoroughly before settling down, and remember that flexibility in base locations will grow as you progress. Happy surviving!

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