Duckside: A New Survival Game

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Indie publisher tinyBuild announced the new survival game Duckside, which allows players to take on the unusual role of a duck. Despite its strange concept, the new survival game Duckside is a serious game and described as a mix of popular survival titles like DayZ and Rust.

Potential players can now sign up on Steam for DuckSide's beta testing which began on the April 18th. As a duck, players will gather resources to build bases and ensure safety from other players and animals. Gameplay will involve activities like archery, resource collecting, and building bases.

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Like other survival games, mastering the early game may be difficult for Duckside players. However, taking on the role of a duck may provide a new experience that appeals to both veteran survival fans and new players. Progression will involve unlocking tools and weapons like axes and firearms. Humans also appear but their role is undefined.

The Steam previews outline basic survival elements such as chopping wood and mining stone. Distinguishing Duckside is that players can wield weapons as ducks. More details on beta length and full release are unavailable now. Adopting the unconventional perspective of an armed duck may attract interest, but it remains to be seen if Duckside stands out among many survival options. 

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