How to Get Superblack Shader in Destiny 2

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The Superblack shader in Destiny 2 has been a highly sought-after item for fashion-forward Guardians. Here’s how you can acquire this all-black shader.

The Significance of the Superblack Shader in Destiny 2

An all-black shader has been the Holy Grail for most Destiny 2 fashionistas, and Bungie finally delivered it with the Superblack shader in Destiny 2. The shader hails straight from the first Destiny and its resurrection fits with the theme of the Into the Light update. This update was a celebration of the franchise heading into The Final Shape, including classic weapons from both games.

What Makes Superblack Shader Unique?

Superblack is the motherlode of all black shaders. Unlike other shaders, Superblack lives up to its name by being fully black. Popular choices such as Jacarina, Amethyst Veil, Skele-Ghaul, and Erebos Glance, although revered, include other colors in their palettes.

Availability of Superblack Shader

The Superblack shader in Destiny 2 is currently unavailable but is expected to return in the future according to a Bungie blog post from April 2024. Superblack “will return later on” after The Final Shape expansion lands.

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How to Unlock the Superblack Shader in Destiny 2

Requirements and Initial Steps

Originally, you could get the shader via the free Into the Light expansion. This involved engaging with the Onslaught mode and finishing quests for Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40 in the Hall of Champions. However, as of now, the two Superblack Keys and the Hall are no longer in the game.

Obtaining the First Superblack Key

  1. Resetting Lord Shaxx's Rank:
    • The first Superblack Key was a reward for resetting your rank with Lord Shaxx at the Hall of Champions (unrelated to your Crucible rank).
    • To get the key, you needed to accumulate enough Hype with him to reset his rank.
    • This action would grant you Superblack Key Alpha once you reset your reputation rank with him.
    • Hype was obtainable from Onslaught, Destiny 2’s new defense-based PvE mode.

Obtaining the Second Superblack Key

  1. Arcite 99-40’s Vendor Quests:
    • The second key was tied to Arcite 99-40’s vendor quests in the Hall of Champions.
    • Guardians could get his key by completing all BRAVE weapon quests.
    • These weapons are still obtainable via the Onslaught activity. However, since Arcite is gone, you can’t finish his quests or obtain his key.

Unlocking the Shader

  1. Opening the Door:
    • Once you had both Superblack Keys from Shaxx and Arcite 99-40, you needed to interact with the door behind them in the Hall of Champions.
    • This door led to a symbiote-like blob.
    • Entering the room and making contact with the symbiote would give Guardians the Superblack shader in their collections.

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Future Availability

Keep an eye on Bungie’s updates, as the Superblack shader in Destiny 2 is set to make a return. The shader is expected to become available after The Final Shape expansion, giving players another chance to acquire this coveted item.

In conclusion, while the Superblack shader in Destiny 2 is currently unavailable, it remains a highly anticipated addition. Stay tuned for future updates to snag this all-black shader and elevate your Guardian’s style to the next level.

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