A New High-Level PvE Activity Coming in Destiny 2’s Into the Light

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Destiny 2's Into the Light Brings New High-Level PvE Activity

New Raid Boss-Rush Mode

Guardians will face a gauntlet of bosses from previous raids and dungeons. Dubbed “The Vault Challenge”, it presents a new high-level PvE activity where players battle consecutive raid and dungeon bosses on a weekly rotation. Fireteams of three players can take on this challenge to earn exclusive loot and triumph. The activity launches with bosses from the Deep Stone Crypt, Vault of Glass and Shattered Throne.

Optional New Player Experience

Destiny 2’s New Light experience has been reworked to be optional for new players. New characters will start the game in the Tower with access to playlists and destinations right away. The introductory questline introduces players to core activities at their own pace. This allows new players to immediately play with friends regardless of level or progression.

Additional Changes and Improvements

Several underused Exotic weapons like Thunderlord and Trinity Ghoul received catalysts to make them more viable in high-level content. Bungie also fixed several issues like weekly bounties not refreshing and quest items filling up inventory space. Overall, this update focuses on giving players more freedom and options to experience Destiny 2’s vast array of content. The additional challenge of facing multiple raid bosses will test the mettle of even the most battle-hardened fireteams.

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Details on the New Pantheon Raid Boss-Rush Mode

Challenging New Endgame Activity

Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion ‘Into the Light’ will introduce a new high-level PvE activity called the Pantheon, a raid boss-rush mode featuring reimagined versions of iconic bosses from previous raids. The Pantheon will provide veteran players with a challenging endgame experience that demands team coordination and mastery of Destiny 2’s combat systems.

Skipping the Grind

Unlike normal raids, the Pantheon will not have lengthy introductory sections, platforming puzzles or trash mobs. Players will face a curated sequence of raid bosses back-to-back, with limited downtime in between encounters. This streamlined experience will allow players to skip past time-consuming elements present in traditional raids and focus on the demanding combat encounters.

Rewards Worth The Effort

While defeating the Pantheon will require a high degree of skill, players who emerge victorious will earn exclusive rewards including new Exotic weapons, armor ornaments, and rare crafting materials. Completing the Pantheon on higher difficulties will increase the number and quality of rewards. These desirable prizes make overcoming the Pantheon’s challenges worthwhile for dedicated players.

A New Challenge For Veterans

The Pantheon seems poised to reinvigorate Destiny 2’s endgame PvE for longtime players thirsting for a new challenge. By revisiting memorable bosses from the past in a fast-paced gauntlet, the Pantheon scratches a nostalgic itch while providing a battle-tested thrill ride for Guardians seeking to test their mettle. ‘Into the Light’ is shaping up to be an exciting expansion for Destiny 2’s most devoted fans.

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