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Ghostbusters Cosmetics Coming to Destiny 2

Ghostbusters fans, rejoice! Bungie is bringing some spooktacular new cosmetics to Destiny 2, letting you cruise the galaxy in style. The announcement was made  early this week via the Destiny 2 Official X (formally Twitter) page.

The Ecto-1 Ship

This legendary ship is a replica of the iconic Ecto-1 Cadillac ambulance from the movies. With its retro white and red styling, you'll be riding in nostalgic 1980s fashion.

Proton Pack Weapon Ornament

Make your favorite energy weapon look like a Ghostbusters proton pack! This ornament adds all the details from the classic ghost wrangling gear, letting you zap enemies with some extra nostalgic flair.

Ghostbusters Armor Ornaments

Dress your Guardian up in a jumpsuit reminiscent of the Ghostbusters uniform, complete with logo patch on the shoulder. These ornaments can be applied to any Legendary armor set, so you'll be busting ghosts in style no matter what you're wearing.

Between the Ecto-1 ship, proton pack weapon ornament, and classic jumpsuit armor ornaments, Destiny 2 is getting some great new ways for fans to represent their love of Ghostbusters. Start saving up that Bright Dust and Silver, Guardians, because these spooktacular cosmetics are haunting the Eververse store this Festival of the Lost! Who you gonna call? Time to gear up and get bustin'!

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Drive the Iconic Ecto-1 Spaceship in Destiny 2

Destiny fans, start your engines! As part of the new Ghostbusters event, you'll be able to cruise the galaxy in style with the legendary Ecto-1 spaceship. This iconic vehicle from the Ghostbusters franchise is now immortalized in Destiny 2 as an exotic ship that you can add to your collection.

Once you earn enough Ghostbusters Tokens during the seasonal event, head to Eververse to claim your very own Ecto-1 ship. The sleek retro design and signature siren are sure to make your fellow Guardians green with envy as you zoom past.Where should you take your new ride first? Why not patrol the Moon, searching for any supernatural shenanigans? Or blast off to Nessus to hunt some Vex - just like the Ghostbusters hunted ghosts in New York City!

With your trusty Ecto-1, the galaxy is your oyster. There's no telling what kind of adventures await as you explore the worlds of Destiny, keeping civilians safe from any ghouls or goblins you happen to find. And when the event is over, your Ecto-1 ship will remain to remind you of the time you saved the universe, Ghostbusters-style!

From its iconic spoiler and red trim to the memorable siren wail, the Ecto-1 ship is a perfect replica of the classic Cadillac ambulance from the movies. Any Ghostbusters fan would be over the moon to get behind the wheel of this exotic beauty. And in Destiny 2, now you'll finally get your chance! Start grinding those seasonal challenges and get ready to cruise the stars in a true pop culture icon. Who you gonna call? Your fellow Guardians, to show off your sweet new ride!

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More Ghostbusters Gear Coming Soon

Whether you’re busting ghosts or just cruising to your next quest, you’ll be doing it in style! Bungie has revealed that more Ghostbusters cosmetics are on the way to Destiny 2, so you can deck out your Guardian and your spaceship in iconic Ghostbusters gear.

Proton Packs and Ghost Traps for Your Back

Every good Ghostbuster needs a proton pack to zap ghosts back to the beyond, and you’ll be able to equip your very own. Attach a proton pack to your back and feel the power of a particle accelerator at your fingertips. And what fun would it be without ghost traps to capture all those pesky phantoms? Ghost traps will also be available for you to strap onto your back, ready to capture any roaming apparitions.

Ecto-1 Ship Transmat Effect

The coolest ride in the galaxy is about to be yours. Bungie is bringing an Ecto-1 ship transmat effect so you can transmat into action in style. Your ship will transmat in emitting the signature Ecto-1 siren and flashing red lights for an arrival that ghosts and Guardians alike won’t soon forget. The Ecto-1 transmat effect will truly make you feel like a legendary Ghostbuster whenever you drop into a new zone or activity.

Whether you’re a die-hard Ghostbusters fan or just want the hottest new looks in Destiny 2, these new cosmetics are sure to make you feel like a proton-pack wielding, ghost-trapping legend. Keep your glimmer close and stay tuned for more details on when you can get your hands on all this awesome new gear! The galaxy’s ghosts won’t know what hit them. Who ya gonna call?

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