Duckside Review: Soaring with Potential

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Diving into our Duckside Review is like strapping on wings and taking off in a world where survival is the name of the game. With a blend of survival mechanics very similar to DayZ and Rust, albeit with a feathered twist, this upcoming title from tinyBuild Studios promises a unique take on a survival video game.

A Confident Duck?

At first glance, Duckside captivates with its charmingly feathered ducks in a cartoon fortnite type landscape. Adding wings into the survival formula provides an intriguing and fun layer to the game, promising aerial escapades and fun, unique way to travel around the map. From scavenging resources to building shelters, there's an initial thrill to be found in the game's novelty.

However, as the feathers settle, it becomes evident that Duckside's wings are somewhat clipped. While the game boasts the frenetic energy of its inspirations, the experience quickly devolves into a very repetitive loop.

Much like previous survival games, the game offers a slow and timely process, where even the simplest tasks can feel like forever. Whether it's gathering resources, constructing shelters, or engaging in aerial combat, progression often feels like wading through molasses.

The promise of aerial freedom, while initially exhilarating, ends up becoming the only fun part of the game. It really fails to deliver the expected thrill that you maybe expecting.

Despite these shortcomings, Duckside isn't without its moments of enjoyment.

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The Verdict on DUCKSIDE

In the end, Duckside feels like a game caught between two worlds. While its survival mechanics and duck flying antics is incredibly inventive, it ultimately fails to fully capitalize on its potential. For those willing to overlook its flaws, there's still hours of fun to be had with this game. However, for those seeking a truly long lasting experience, our Duckside review may leave them grounded.

Rating 6

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