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Overview of Apex Legends Patch

New Nerfs

Respawn Entertainment has announced that three of the popular characters in Apex Legends—Conduit, Bangalore, and Revenant—will receive significant nerfs in the upcoming patch. The developers stated that these legends have been dominating in matches, and the adjustments are aimed at improving balance and increasing viability of other characters.

Conduit Ability Changes

Conduit's tactical ability, Arc Flash, will have its stun duration decreased by 30% to prevent immobilizing enemies for prolonged periods. His ultimate ability, EMP Blast, will no longer destroy enemy traps to limit his effectiveness against defensive legends. These changes intend to reduce Conduit's control over engagements while still keeping his abilities impactful.

Bangalore and Revenant Updates

Bangalore's passive speed boost when taking fire will decay over 2 seconds instead of 4 seconds, allowing enemies a better chance to retaliate. Revenant's Silence ability will have its duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds and cooldown increased from 25 seconds to 30 seconds. His Death Totem ultimate will also have its health penalty increased from 50 health to 60 health to make its use riskier.

Additional Weapon and Loot Updates

The patch will also introduce balance changes to several weapons, including reducing Devotion damage and Havoc recoil. Loot distribution across the maps will be reworked to provide more consistency in the quality and amount of loot in each area. These comprehensive updates aim to improve the overall experience for players and shake up the current meta. The patch is set to release next week, so prepare for the new Apex Legends!

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Details on Nerfs for Conduit, Bangalore, and Revenant


Conduit's tactical ability, "Phase Tunnel", will receive a significant nerf in the next update. Currently, Conduit can place up to three Phase Tunnels that teammates can use to instantly teleport over long distances. The update will reduce the number of Phase Tunnels Conduit can have active at a time to two. This change aims to reduce the mobility and rotation potential of squads with a Conduit teammate.


Bangalore's passive ability, "Double Time", which grants her a speed boost when taking fire, will have its

duration reduced by 1.5 seconds. Bangalore's tactical ability, "Smoke Launcher", will also see changes, with the smoke's duration decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. These adjustments are intended to make Bangalore slightly less elusive and bring her in line with other legends.


Revenant's ultimate ability, "Death Totem", allows him and his teammates to temporarily become shadows and avoid death. However, the range at which players can stray from the Death Totem will be reduced by 25%. This will require players to remain closer to the totem to gain the benefits of becoming a shadow. The update aims to add more counterplay against Revenant's ultimate by making its effects easier to escape.

In summary, the nerfs to Conduit, Bangalore, and Revenant in the next Apex Legends update will reduce the power and utility of some of these legends' abilities. The changes are meant to improve overall game balance and allow for more dynamic encounters with squads using these legends.

How the Nerfs Will Impact the Meta and Legend Pick Rates

A Shift in the Ranked Meta

The significant nerfs coming to characters Conduit, Bangalore, and Revenant will undoubtedly shake up the current meta in Ranked Play. Their kits have made them popular picks, but the updates will decrease their power and potentially shift the legend selection trends. Players may need to adjust their team compositions and strategies to account for these legends’ reduced effectiveness.

Conduit and Bangalore Pick Rates to Decline

Both Conduit and Bangalore currently boast high pick rates, due in large part to the strength of their abilities. Conduit’s tactical ability and passive shield regeneration have made them a formidable opponent, while Bangalore’s smoke launcher and speed boost passive have provided her great survivability and escape tools. The planned nerfs to these characters will likely cause many players to pick them less in favor of other, now comparatively stronger, legends.

An Opening for Other Legends

With Conduit, Bangalore, and Revenant receiving substantial nerfs, other legends may see an uptick in selection and power within the meta. Legends such as Lifeline, Bloodhound, and Gibraltar could become more popular, as their abilities remain unchanged while others are weakened. Players seeking a new main may turn to these legends to gain an advantage. The update may lead to greater diversity in team compositions, as players test different legends' synergies and strengths.

The patch bringing nerfs to Conduit, Bangalore, and Revenant can be expected to significantly impact the Apex Legends meta and legend pick rates. Their popularity and power will decrease, causing many players to bench them in favor of other, now relatively stronger legends. The update may usher in a shift to a more diverse meta with new popular team compositions emerging.

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