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In Nightingale, you find yourself stranded in an enchanted realm filled with fantastical beasts and whimsical scenery. As a mortal in a land of fae, survival is key unless you fancy being goblin grub.

Every great survival game needs a good crafting system and Inflexion Games have made that a reality in Nightingale. We have been looking at the game's crafting mechanics as well all other aspects this game has to offer.

Shape Your Ideal Fantasy Kingdom Through Base-Building and Crafting

Build a Magical Abode

First order of businesswhen starting your Own Fae Kingdom in Nightingale, construct an enchanted treehouse palace fit for fairy royalty like yourself. Harvest glowing mushrooms, shimmering crystals and whatever other fantastical building materials strike your fancy. Don't forget a throne room for holding court and receiving your loyal subjects.

Master the Art of Alchemy

What good is ruling a magic kingdom without dabbling in the dark arts? Experiment with potion-making and learn to brew health and mana elixirs to keep your fae self in fighting form. Once you've mastered the basics, move on to crafting invisibility and flight potions for stealthy travels around your realm.

Cultivate an Enchanted Garden

Every fae kingdom needs an enchanted garden overflowing with mystical flora and fauna. Plant moonblossoms that bloom under the light of the moon and sunflowers that always face the sun. Breed fantastical creatures like pixies, sprites and centaurs. Your loyal subjects will appreciate the eternal summer in this little slice of paradise you've created.

Ruling your own fae kingdom in Nightingale means crafting a whimsical world where your imagination is the only limit. Shape a realm that stirs your sense of wonder and escape from the humdrum into a land of eternal magic and mystery. Your kingdom awaits, your highness!

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Nightingale Lets You Escape Into a Whimsical World of Your Own Making

Instead of facing the dumpster fire that is reality, Nightingale lets you craft your own magical realm to rule over. You start with a lush, overgrown forest paradise and shape it into whatever nonsense kingdom your weird little heart desires.

The Freedom to Create

Want a mushroom village where tiny mushroom people live in peace and harmony? You got it, your highness. Feel like building a fairy treehouse village in the treetops, connected by rope bridges and zip lines? As you wish, my liege! Maybe you're in the mood for a hobbit hole village with winding dirt roads and a cozy little pub. Poof, your pint-sized paradise is ready for pint-sized patrons.


While survival and base-building are still core parts of the gameplay, Nightingale gives you the freedom to build fanciful places that spark joy in your heart. Who needs electricity or plumbing when you have mushroom houses, fairy lights and the magic of imagination? Real life will still be there when you emerge from your forest haven, but at least you'll have a magical place to escape to when times get tough. Now if you'll excuse me, my mushroom minions require more porridge and I must away to my treetop throne!

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