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Harold Halibut Coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 16

Microsoft confirmed today that the stop-motion animated adventure game Harold Halibut will launch on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC on April 16th. Developed by Slow Bros., Harold Halibut is set in a retro-futuristic underwater city and follows the adventures of the titular protagonist Harold as he attempts to escape the city.

Memorable Characters and Engaging Story

Harold Halibut features a memorable cast of quirky characters brought to life through stunning stop-motion animation. The game tells an engaging coming-of-age story, as the curious and rebellious Harold questions the status quo of his isolated underwater society. Harold's adventure takes him through the various districts of the city as he uncovers secrets about his world and attempts to find a way out to the surface.

Charming Visuals and Puzzle-Solving Gameplay

In addition to its memorable story and characters, Harold Halibut features charming visuals created using real-world materials and miniatures. The stop-motion animation style gives the game a wonderfully tactile quality. In terms of gameplay, Harold Halibut focuses on environmental puzzles, exploration, and character interactions. Players must help Harold navigate obstacles and manipulate his surroundings to progress through the levels.

With its memorable handcrafted visuals, quirky characters, and engaging story, Harold Halibut looks set to be a charming addition to the Game Pass library. The game launches on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC on April 16th.

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What to Expect From Harold Halibut

An Intriguing Narrative Adventure

You can expect Harold Halibut to provide an engaging narrative adventure experience. The game follows the story of Harold, an anthropomorphic sea slug and janitor aboard a spaceship called the Hessdalen. Players will guide Harold as he explores the ship, interacts with quirky characters, and unravels the mysteries surrounding a decades-long voyage. With emphasis on character development, humor, and plot twists, Harold Halibut aims to captivate players with its bizarre yet heartfelt tale.

Puzzles and Exploration

Harold Halibut is a puzzle adventure game at its core. Players will traverse the intricate corridors of the Hessdalen, discovering rooms and secrets through environmental puzzles and clue-finding. While the puzzles are designed to be challenging, the developers have focused on logical solutions without the need for improbable leaps of logic. The ship itself is a character in the story, with many areas to uncover that provide insight into the crew’s history and daily lives aboard the vessel.

A Unique Visual Style

Harold Halibut features a striking visual style with handcrafted diorama sets and stop motion animation. Everything on screen was physically built and animated frame by frame, giving the game a tactile quality rarely seen in video games. The result is a highly detailed world brimming with character that will likely appeal to players looking for a distinctive aesthetic experience. Between its poignant story, puzzle-filled gameplay, and exceptional art direction, Harold Halibut aims to provide an unforgettable adventure for Game Pass subscribers.

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Other Exciting Day One Releases on Xbox Game Pass

In addition to Harold Halibut, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to several other titles releasing on the service on Day One.

The Ascent

The Ascent is an action role-playing game set in a cyberpunk world. Players control characters who undertake missions and side quests in a futuristic metropolis. The game features a solo campaign as well as co-op multiplayer for up to four players. It will launch on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape is a musical adventure game starring a teenage guitar prodigy named Francis Vendetti. On the eve of his first live performance, Francis embarks on a psychedelic journey to develop his stage persona. The game features a hand-drawn art style and an original soundtrack. It will be available on launch day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on console and PC.


Sable is an open-world adventure game with a minimalist art style set in a vast desert. Players explore the world on a hoverbike, uncovering ruins and meeting nomadic tribes. The game emphasizes freedom of movement, with no set path or objective. Sable will launch day one into Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

Xbox Game Pass continues to offer subscribers a wide range of gaming experiences across genres. The lineup of day one releases provides options for players of all interests, from indie adventures to action blockbusters. With many more titles still to be announced, the coming months promise to be an exciting time for Xbox Game Pass members.

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