Where to Find Scorched in Fallout 76

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The Scorched in Fallout 76 are humans mutated by the Scorched Plague, characterized by green ultracite crystals on their skin. While common, hunting them in large quantities is often necessary for quests and seasonal challenges. Knowing their spawn locations can save you time and effort. Here's where to find Scorched in Fallout 76.

Common Scorched Spawn Locations

Morgantown Airport Terminal Building Interior (The Forest)

Morgantown Airport is a hotspot for Scorched. Head inside the terminal building for a high concentration.

Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 (The Forest)

This location consistently has around 25 Scorched. The plant is large, so search thoroughly.

Thunder Mountain Power Plant (The Mire)

With approximately 22 Scorched, Thunder Mountain Power Plant is another reliable spot.

Camden Park (Ash Heap)

Camden Park is not just for fun; it houses around 21 Scorched.

AVR Medical Center Interior (The Forest)

Expect to find around 21 Scorched inside the AVR Medical Center.

Wavy Willard’s Water Park (Toxic Valley)

The water park features around 20 Scorched. Check the entire area.

Valley Galleria Interior (The Mire)

Inside the Valley Galleria, you can find about 20 Scorched.

Top of the World (Savage Divide)

This iconic location houses around 19 Scorched.

Helvetia (The Forest)

Helvetia has approximately 16 Scorched. Check around the town for the best results.

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort/Pleasant Valley Cabins (Savage Divide)

Expect around 15 Scorched at this resort and its cabins.

Tyler County Fairgrounds (The Forest)

The fairgrounds feature about 15 Scorched.

Bolton Greens (The Forest)

Around 15 Scorched can be found here.

Greg’s Mine Supply (The Forest)

Greg’s Mine Supply is home to about 15 Scorched.

Morgantown Airport (The Forest)

Outside the terminal, Morgantown Airport has around 13 Scorched.

Morgantown Trainyard (The Forest)

The trainyard features about 13 Scorched.

Charleston Capitol Courthouse Interior (The Forest)

Inside the courthouse, find about 12 Scorched.

Mosstown (The Mire)

Mosstown is home to around 12 Scorched.

Sutton (The Forest)

Sutton houses approximately 12 Scorched.

Ranger District Office/Ranger Lookout (Cranberry Bog)

Expect around 11 Scorched here.

Palace of the Winding Path (Savage Divide)

This palace is home to about 10 Scorched.

Fissure Site Prime/Drop Site V9/Glassed Cavern Exterior (Cranberry Bog)

Around 10 Scorched can be found here.

Summersville Dam (The Forest)

Summersville Dam has about nine Scorched.

Camp Venture (The Mire)

Camp Venture is home to around nine Scorched.

AVR Medical Center Exterior (The Forest)

Around eight Scorched can be found outside the AVR Medical Center.

Poseidon Power Substation PX-01 (The Forest)

This substation has around seven Scorched.

Fort Defiance (Cranberry Bog)

Expect to find about six Scorched here.

Valley Galleria Exterior (The Mire)

Outside the galleria, find around six Scorched.

White Powder Winter Sports (The Forest)

Around five Scorched can be found here.

Charleston Capitol Courthouse Exterior (The Forest)

Outside the courthouse, expect to find around three Scorched.

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Active Fissure Sites

All active Fissure sites have Scorched spawns. Scorchbeasts at these sites can summon additional Scorched enemies.

Public Events Featuring Scorched

Scorched can appear in several public events, marked as yellow hexagons with an exclamation mark on your map. These events include:

  • Distinguished Guests
  • Line in the Sand
  • Grafton Day
  • Protest March
  • Scorched Earth
  • Distant Thunder
  • Surface to Air
  • Always Vigilant
  • Collision Course
  • It’s a Trap
  • Bots on Parade
  • Dropped Connection
  • A Real Blast
  • Census Violence
  • Horde Event

By targeting these locations and events, you can efficiently complete your Scorched hunting goals. Happy hunting!

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